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If you are like so many of us who volunteer with Peaceful Parenting, you are always seeking a community of like minded souls - for a little support, camaraderie, and some problem-solving ideas to the questions that surface along our parenting journeys. We are a body that strives to raise our little ones in a securely attached fashion - most of us have a vested interest in research and being fully informed on subjects that impact our lives, our families, our health, and our world. We take advocacy to heart, and share information as we're able so that others may benefit too. Now, as of June 2014, Peaceful Parenting readers can become supporters of the community, and assist with the ongoing efforts of PP. The reason this option is being made is three-fold:

1) ★ To sponsor impacting peaceful parenting booths at baby, maternity, and family expositions across North America, where resources are freely introduced and given to families. ★ To be able to provide for requests and needs that come in from parents who have no where else to turn for assistance, resources and help. ★ To keep and the Peaceful Parenting page free and available to all. ★ To continue to send intact care and forced retraction information to physicians and clinics across North America (currently there are approximately 10 clinical packets sent each week - free of charge to parents requesting for their physician). ★ To continue to send 'new parent' information packets to families expecting babies (currently there are approximately 15 packets sent each week, free of cost to those requesting). ★ To ensure email from those seeking help (approximately 50/day) is able to be replied to by professionals in a timely manner. ★ To keep workshops and clinics on a number of parenting subjects (breastfeeding, intact care/circumcision, baby sleep, babywearing, gentle discipline, etc.) free and open to all.

2) ★ Community building - to have a private place to gather and be able to safely ask questions and receive feedback from fellow gentle parenting advocates, moms, dads and professionals in the fields of birth, babies, and child-rearing.

3) ★ To provide a place where mother/baby-friendly businesses of all sizes (including Etsy shops and personal crafting) can be highlighted and shared with the community -- supporting fellow advocates and work-at-home parents in the process.

"Pride of Motherhood" by Chidi Okoye

When you become a Peaceful Parenting Supporter you will:

1) Join with a close community of other parents and supporters with a heart for gentle, informed parenting and natural living. You will be invited to participate in the private Peaceful Parenting Members group. Here, questions can be asked and answered directly between individuals, or anonymously via email (admin re-sharing) as well. The benefit of this group being peaceful parenting supporters and families only is that it ensures the community remains one with similar passions, goals and interests and lasting friendships are built. ❤

2) Be eligible to win fabulous give-aways among Peaceful Parenting supporting members (examples below). Winners are typically selected at random from among interested individuals after the item is announced. Businesses (of any size) with an interest in donating merchandise for this purpose should see the business sponsors page to become involved or email

3) Receive a bi-annual email newsletter sent out to Peaceful Parenting supporters that includes coupons, discounts and deals to businesses you may have an interest in. Etsy shop owners and Peaceful Parenting members are welcome to contribute to this list. See the business sponsors page or email for further information.

4) Most importantly: Support the ongoing mission of Peaceful Parenting. Plant seeds, support families and change lives! Ultimately, the sharing of information and empowerment of parents (to care for their babies and children in a healthy and gentle manner through resources and support) is the mission of Peaceful Parenting. As a member, you are supporting the ongoing efforts that are truly life-changing in the lives of little ones today. Each baby born, each child growing up, deserves gentle, conscious care - and this is what we strive for day in and day out. We serve a greater good through a variety of measures -- from the resources at and our effort to keep the website free and available to anyone, anywhere; to items freely provided at expos and events; helpful books lent and sent and added to libraries across the U.S. and Canada; to the responses written to hundreds of emails and letters each week; and the many parents who are met in person for council or assistance. If you have ever benefited from Peaceful Parenting, or been encouraged as a part of this network, you know first hand the difference that this community makes along our parenting journeys. Peaceful Parenting operates fully as a not-for-profit group and is only able to continue thanks to the generosity of individuals with a heart for others. We invite you to become a part of this mission!

To become a Peaceful Parenting Supporter:

Supporting memberships are $12 for the year and can be set up as a one-time donation, or as an auto renew. Use the donate options below and include the following information in the 'notes' section, or in an email to To give the gift of a membership to another individual, include their name, email and address.

1) Your working email if you would like to receive the newsletter with discounts and coupon codes, as well as give-away items. Be sure to add both and to your email addresses.

2) Your name on Facebook if you wish to be a part of the Peaceful Parenting Discussion Group. Request to join at:

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!

Join With Monthly Gift:

Join With One Time Annual Gift ($12 or more):
By Mail To:

Peaceful Parenting
P.O. Box 1302
VA Beach, VA 23451

Supporting Members Give-Away Items

All peaceful parenting families and supporters are welcome to participate in the discussion group, regardless of your ability to support the mission. If you'd like to join by letter of affirmation, please visit this discussing group page:

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