Don't Retract Pack

Missouri Foreskin Friendly Physicians

Missouri Foreskin Friendly Physicians

Dr. Kara Mayes, MD
Mercy Clinic Family Medicine
12680 Olive Blvd, Ste 300
St. Louis, MO 63141

Dr. Cindy L. Kirby-Diaz, M.D.
Cockerell and McIntosh Pediatrics
11200 Winner Road
Independence, MO 64052

Dr. Timothy Warren, MD
901 Patients First Drive, 3rd Floor
Washington, MO 63090

Dr. Jaqueline Yates
415D Burkarth Rd
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Dr. Siemer Deanna MD
Jackson Primary Care LLC
2685 East Main Street
Jackson, MO 63755-2473

Dr. Denise Hamar DO/FACOP
1221 Oak Street
Carthage, MO 64836

Dr. Jerome O'Neil, M.D.
Karen Whiteside, M.D.
Southwest Pediatrics Inc
6526 Lansdowne
St. Louis, MO 63109

Katie Kilgo, FNP
1) CoxHealth Center Rogersville
151 Johnstown Dr.
Rogersville, MO, 65742

2) Cox Clinic (Inside Walmart)
3315 South Campbell
Springfield, MO 65807
(1-2 days a week; 18+ months babies)

Dr. Sean McIntosh, DO
9 Pheasant Meadows Dr. Suite 107
O'Fallon, MO

Dr. Christian Wessling, M.D.
Webster Family Physicians, P.C.
7979 Big Bend Boulevard
Webster Groves, MO 63119

Dr. Elizabeth Allemann, MD
1200 Fay Street
Columbia, MO, 65256

Dr. Evelyn Aboagye
Mercy Clinics
1605 Martin Springs Drive Ste 250
Rolla, MO 65401

Dr. Christopher E. Molitor, MD
SSM Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics
164 Professional Pkwy
Troy, MO 63379

Dr. Nadira H. Adil, MD
1551 Wall St #430
St Charles, MO 63303

Dr. Adam Eaton, MD
Blue Fish Pediatrics
12360 Manchester Rd
St Louis, MO 63131

Dr. Amy Grawey
Dr. Kasia Kohler
Little Flower Family Medicine
769 West Terra Lane
O' Fallon, MO 63366

To have your physician or health care provider added to this list if s/he is intact knowledgable and does *not* attempt to retract or encourage parents to retract their baby boys and children, email or leave a comment at the end of this page. Feedback and reviews of physicians in-state are also welcome in the comments section. View a full description of physicians across the nation here: Foreskin Friendly Physicians.


  1. Brenda Aberceombie, DNP
    Family Birth & Wellness Center
    2039 S Brentwood Ave
    Springfield, MO

  2. I met Dr. Timothy Warren at the hospital after I had my son. He was the doctor on-call that day and thanked us for not circumcising our little boy & said he would never let his son go through it either if he had one. He's now our son's pediatrician and does an amazing job.

  3. Dr. Nadira H. Adil is amazing. Pro breastfeeding, cool with delayed vacc and has never tried to retract. In fact, my younger son has a cyst like clog and circ has never been mentioned, she has encouraged the 'wait and see' approach. Everyone we send to her loves her.

  4. Siemer Deanna is not an ob/gyn, she is an M.D., but she took care of me, and delivered my last 2 babies. My last was a boy, and she tried her best to talk me out of circumcision, but at that time I was very pro-circumcision because I honestly didn't know what I do now. She tried to inform me that where she is from (Germany) nobody does it, that it was purely for cosmetic purposes, that it didn't prevent STDs, etc.

  5. Dr. Jaqueline Yates is wonderful! And she's the reason I left my son intact.

  6. When I was interviewing pediatricians for our new baby, one of the first things I asked Dr. Denise Hamar was regarding circumcision. Her own child is intact so she's got the personal experience. She is also Spanish/English bilingual. We love her!

  7. I dont know about any of the other drs at Mercy Clinics but I talked to Dr. Evelyn Aboagye today about it and she confirmed all the basic rules for foreskin care and completely agrees that circumcision is for looks and not medically necessary. We didnt go deep into the subject but she's never had me worried the year we've been seeing her.

  8. Dr. Christopher Molitor in Troy has never tried to retract. He agrees it is a natural process.

  9. Ellis Froeschle, MD
    601 Redbud Lane
    Columbia, MO