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Girl or Boy? Choose the sex of your next baby...

There are many parents today who would love to add a little baby girl or boy (specifically) to their family. While I don't typically advocate sex-selected divisions (after all, it is my wish that all genders/sexes would be equally valued - especially as little ones) there are some very basic and very 'natural' ways to influence the conception of your next baby. Having spent years studying and teaching in human sexuality, it sometimes comes as a surprise to me that this information is not common knowledge yet - but then again, most people are probably not as enamored with learning about the birds-and-the-bees as I am...

My own mother used this book long ago - 30+ years! - to get her babies - Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy. It has been used successfully by countless others. And while it may not be the most 'entertaining' of reads - it actually works (most of the time!). The advice found within - when put into practice - greatly increases your own likelihood of your next baby being a boy or girl.

So, if this is something that spikes your interest -- happy baby making!

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby - L.B. Shettles & D.M. Rorvik


  1. I read this book when trying for our second baby. Our first was a boy (and after reading this book I know exactly why we got a boy) and we wanted a girl - one of each. I charted, examined secreations, counted, and calculated. I bought one of those gender tests where you test it with urine and will falsly tell you it is a boy even when it is a girl. If it says girl, it pretty much is accurate. Mine said girl. At the 20 week ultrasound I was happy when the tech said "I'm going to say this baby is a girl". And she was right. My sister-in-law also read this book to try to have a girl (in a family of all boys that all had boys) and they got a girl. I'm a believer!

  2. I got this book when my ex-husband challenged me that we could have another baby - if I could guarantee him a boy (we already had a girl). I told him I could guarantee, withing ___% accuracy, that we would have a boy. It didn't work.

    I enjoyed the book and it has lots of great info! I've recommended it to others. I've since read lots of things online as well, about how to get your body more acidic or more alkaline to encourage one sex or the other. I don't know if that helped us conceive our baby boy (due in January) or not... but my current husband and I are excited to be having a boy. (We would have been happy either way, though.)