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VA Midwifery License Plate

The outstanding Midwifery license in the State of Virginia may soon to be an option!

Here is the application - Fill out this form, and mail it with $10 payment to the VA Midwifery License Plate contact person:

Jeni Rector
419 Adwood Court
Hampton, VA 23605-1422

It is $10 for the application. If you wish to make the plate a vanity (personalized) plate, then send the additional amount with the application (an additional $10 = $20 total).

Send a check or money order made out to: Jeni Rector. Jeni is a Licensed Midwife in Hampton Roads, VA. She is also on the Coordinating Committee of the Commonwealth Midwives Alliance (

If you are on Facebook: Become a fan of the VA Midwifery License Plate and tell your birth-advocate friends.

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