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2010 Genital Integrity Awareness Week Rally/March in Washington

2010 Schedule of Events

17th Annual GIAW Demonstration and 
March Against Infant Circumcision
United States Capitol - Washington. D.C.
March 26th - April 1st, 2010


March 26th - April 1st, 2010
US Capitol Demonstration
West Lawn of the US Capitol
Daily from 9:00am till dusk.

4:00pm March 30th, 2009
March from the US Capitol to the White House


March 30th, 1997 the U.S. Female Genital Mutilation Bill took full effect.
This will be the 13th anniversary of girls being protected by federal law from any form of genital cutting for non-medical necessity.

March 28th-April 3rd is Genital Integrity Awareness Week.
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


We have plenty of banners and signs to carry during the march or to display while at the Capitol.
If you have something you'd like to say, feel free to bring it along.
We'll also have extra placard material and markers here with us.

Some attendees will be staying at the Best Western Capitol Skyline:

Best Western Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 I Street SW
Washington, DC 20024-4299
United States
Phone: (202)488-7500
Fax: 202-488-0790

email to inquire about where others will be staying if you'd like to book at the same location


Two important things we can do are to educate and demonstrate.
We make efforts to educate on a daily basis.
We must also demonstrate to further the awareness of this issue.

Join Us!

The FGM Bill was enacted on September 30, 1996, and prohibits female genital mutilation (FGM) of minors, also known as female circumcision.

The criminalization subsection took effect 180 days after the date of enactment - March 30, 1997. For this reason, it is generally recognized as the effective date of the FGM Bill.

We need to use this day to ask our lawmakers to eliminate the sexist exclusion of male minors from this law and to provide all non-consenting human beings protection from genital cutting without medical need.

Genital Integrity Awareness

A small collection of Saving Our Sons' photos from GIAW 2009:

The cherry blossoms will be blooming...
It's the perfect time to venture to D.C.

Everyone, all ages, welcome!

Good chats with great people on the grassy lawn in front of the Capitol

See you in D.C.
!email: with questions

Can't be in DC? Join in the online
Genital Integrity Awareness Rally


  1. I don't know if my schedule will allow me to attend, but I have hopes that this demonstration will continue to have an impact.

    As a show of support, I will send a free packet of Circumcision Information Cards to anyone who is planning on attending the 2010 MGM Demonstration in Washington, DC. Send me an e-mail at Tally at RestoringTally dot com and be sure to refer to this blog. Or, use the Contact form on the Circumcision Information Card page. Offer good while supplies last. Contact me now because I only have a few thousand cards left. :)

  2. Did we really miss the march on March 30th, 2009?

  3. Good friends of babies and children!

    Thanks to a number of very generous intactivists, we have enough money now to get to DC and we're going! The 17th annual protest WILL HAPPEN!

    What we don't have yet is enough money to eat and rest safely at night while we're there and then get back home. We're going to DC this year on faith that you and the rest of the movement will come
    through soon with the additional necessary donations and loans that will make it possible for us to do our work once we get there and to get back home after this educational protest work is done. We need only about $800 more
    to make this annual protest as effective as we can this year, every day from March 26th through April 1st, a solid week.

    Please let us hear from you asap at

    VanLewis at post dot harvard dot edu

    More info in original post copied below:

    On 6/3/10 17:24, "Van Lewis" wrote:

    > The longest running annual protest against genital mutilation in the history
    > of the world, to my knowledge, was started in 1994 on the grounds of the US
    > Capitol building by David Wilson of Cocoa Beach, Florida. David has been
    > there every year since, for sixteen years straight. He has done it on his
    > own initiative and almost entirely out of his own pocket.
    > Others of us have joined in in varying degrees and ways to help David insure
    > the continuity and viability of this crucial annual protest, but none of us,
    > no one in the world, can match David's record of dedication to this annual
    > protest against involuntary human genital mutilation.
    > This year the protest is in danger of not happening because our leader is,
    > through no fault of his own, as many of us are, on hard times.
    > To get the core protesters and banners to DC and provide the necessary
    > transport, housing and food will cost about $3,000. We have so far a very
    > generous donation of $300, 10% of what we need.
    > We are looking for additional grants and loans totaling $2,700 to make it 17
    > years in a row.
    > Is the DC protest happening this year?
    > Only if you say so.
    > Only if the movement steps up and supports its champion annual protester and
    > his committed helpers. We can't do this alone this year. We need your help.
    > Any amount will help. Grants are welcome. Loans are welcome. Please let me
    > hear from you ASAP if you can help finance this effort this year. The
    > protest begins in 20 days, less that three weeks. We need to hear from you
    > ASAP to get our transport lined up and make the room commitment.
    > 17th Annual Demonstration/March Against Circumcision
    > March 26th - April 1st 2010
    > West side of US Capitol
    > March 30th----- march to the White House 4pm
    > Stop Infant Circumcision Society