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Shed Your Weight Problem Here

A new streetcar shelter ad from NEDIC (the National Eating Disorder Information Centre) is getting a message across on the streets of Toronto. With its "Shed your weight problem here" message, the bus stop box invites passerbys to dump their photoshopped mags in the slot and sign onto the Campaign to Cast Responsibly and Retouch Minimally

NEDIC has sent specially created greeting cards and tshirts to fashion leaders and marketers the world over with this message:
Your ads and fashion spreads are an inspiration to many girls and women. We look at your ultra thin models and think - if I’m skinny, I’ll be perfect just like her. This sort of intense media pressure to be thin helps drive 27% of teenage girls in Canada to fast, binge and purge, and over half of all Canadian women to diet. We don’t mean to preach or point fingers. All we ask is that you think before you cast and that you consider inspiring us with a look that’s both beautiful and attainable.
Sign the NEDIC petition here.

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Corner of Queen Street West & Soho - Toronto 

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