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Huggies Limited Edition Jeans Diaper

Things that make you go hmmm...

Huggies has released their limited edition 'jeans' plastic disposable. Guess they are tapping into that cute cloth market of consumers. The only thing is, the price we pay ($$$ and health and environmentally) for this extra-dyed, extra-mula, fancy pant is extreme. Never did I think we could pack even more chemicals into the tiny area surrounding our baby's sensitive bum. But we've now succeeded!

Suggestion: If you want to dress up your tot's tush - try out one of the many reusable, eco/skin-friendly cloth options available today. Your selection to choose from is endless and it will be much easier on your budget (and on your baby) than the disposable jean diaper.

Huggies Jeans Disposable Diaper Commercial
(the new sex object: machismo filled baby boys?!)

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  1. Apparently this is for parents that can't put actual jeans on their kid? LOL!

  2. if i got these, i wouldnt want to throw them away because its like throwing away money. ppl specifically buy them because they are cute but then throw them away? dumb. ill go google jean cloth diapers so i can use it over and over. not once. LAME. freaking huggies gives my son diaper burns anyway. so many chemicals. grr

  3. I just can't help but be disturbed by this. The way they present it, it makes me cringe and I want to look away. I saw it once the other evening, began watching it on your blog just now but had to stop it. It makes me feel icky for so many reasons. :/

  4. You know, this commercial is just disturbing anyway. It's about sexualized fashion FOR KIDLETS. And don't tell me I'm being alarmist and reading too much into it. If you only watch the parts without the toddler, you'd expect some gorgeous rail thin, skin flaunting fashionista of whom the first woman was jealous and the other onlookers were fantasizing to be the subject. The fact that the toddler then climbs into a car without a carseat is not only irresponsible, but also a fairly accurate statement about just how much disposable diapers companies care about the health and wellbeing of our children.

  5. Oh, one more thing. They look a little creepy. I'll stick with my sweet and cute cloth diapers, thank you very much.

  6. ha! A coworker forwarded me this ad to show me how cute it was. I replied oh yeah cute I bet they are losing sales to cloth, esp after the whole deal with the pampers chemicals - looks like they're trying to get some sales back. She didn't respond so I thought I was out in left field. lol Glad I'm not the only one!

  7. Good thing my kids don't wear diapers anymore. In any case excelent article outlining an important eco issue as well.

  8. My husband is much more 'level headed' than I am about things sometimes, but I found this ad disturbing. I didn't say anything and forwarded it on to him to have a look, and he actually said 'wow, that ad is wrong on so many levels'. Personally, if anyone, male or female looked at my child like that I'd never ever let them near him or her! DISTURBING

  9. Huggies is so LAME!

  10. I just saw these today and wondered what in the world!?! I'm not sure if I want to watch the ad or not...

  11. I saw these the other day and literally did a double take. I'm sure I got a few looks when I made a funny 'huuuuh??' noise. That commercial is terrible too. And you KNOW there are sooo many people out there thinking this is the cutest thing. Glad to know I'm not the only one disturbed by these.

  12. I didn't see it as sexualized at all. I think they're just making them look "cool." I think the product might even help guys connect wtih their babies more via more diaper changes, more outings without Mom to handle everything, because the babies aren't wearing diapers with bubbles or Donald Duck on them. It's sad that guys feel teh need to distance themselves from the preciousness of babyhood, but for many guys, this is a fact.

    I think the woman pulling down her sunglasses is actually a hint to men that *they're* going to get looks from the ladies. Which is sad, too. But then again, there's the guy on the moped, too. They're maybe just supposed to represent cool, sleek people seeing something even *cooler*. I don't see lust in anyone's eyes. More of a "who's that new bastion of coolness who just pulled out of the limo??"

    I think parents just want to feel like grown-ups again sometimes and get tired of all the Disney. I think they want to be in the world of sleek again, not haggard.

    I saw the little boy not sexualized but swaggering in the cool dude way. Still, sad that male babies and little boys are expected to be like men - being called "little man" as newborns, even!, and told not to cry and all that, and I do think that's more than just an innocent nickname with no subconscious meaning attached. BUT. I think this commercial is simply meant to appeal to parents who want a little of their grown-up lives back.

  13. I am now determined to make an upcycled diaper out of denim this weekend to show these people how cute a real diaper can be! And the bonus? I can keep using it over and over and don't have to toss it when it's soiled.

    And beyond the whole 'look, more garbage!" feeling I get, the sexualized nature of this commercial AND the fact that there is no carseat in evidence just makes it all that much worse.

  14. My reaction was that it is sexualizing children with the ad. Some people think it's just cute or innocent, but I wonder if maybe they are just really desensitized from all the media/tv/ads that they are seeing on a regular basis. It disturbs me. I'm seeing it more and more and I have some really serious discussions with my child about safety and respecting our bodies. I don't know if I'd want him even seeing this ad, but it'd be interesting to have a 7year olds feedback as well.

  15. That commercial is oh. so. disturbing.

  16. What a weird commercial! When I first saw these diapers, I was thinking how much cuter it would be to just make a cloth diaper with a jean cover.

  17. The distance from a urine filled diaper to a babies nose is only inches. A babies nose is sensitive to smell, and learns the world through his senses. It is sad, that for most babies, they learn the world smells like urine.