FREE SHIPPING This Weekend on All Advocacy Gear

We've had several requests to inform readers when the next FREE SHIPPING sale was at MadeByMomma and it's going on now through this Sunday, Nov 14, at midnight EST.

Whether you grab one item, or one hundred items ~ it is all free shipping!



Note: we have two 'volunteer from home' moms who organize these items into categories. However, they are not made by, sold by, or shipped by peaceful parenting. We solely organize the items so that interested parents can more easily find what they are looking for, and add requests or designs donated to us. If you are looking for a particular color, sleeve length, text, or phrase, email us at and we'll help you find it. For shipping or purchasing questions, contact Spreadshirt at: 1-800-381-0815 Mo-Fr 8am-8pm EST.

Thank you to all the readers who have sent in their photos and allowed us to share with others ~ such outstanding advocates you are! :) 

Here is a small sampling of items from the categories available (click title jump to that page selection):


 onesie for in hospital

 onesie for daycare/babysitter/doctors visit

 onesie for in hospital






  1. Love these shirts!

    One the third to last shirt exercise is spelt wrong though!

  2. Yikes!! Thanks for pointing that out, Jo!



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