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Doula Connect: A New Networking Site for Finding a Doula Near You!

Inspired by the mother-to-mother sharing of Human Milk 4 Human Babies (, Doula Connect is a new networking solution started by Sara Carlson in hopes of providing a free and easy way for women to find a doula in their local area.


To use Doula Connect, visit the Doula Connect website and click on the link for your state. This link will take you to your state's Facebook group where you will find a list of doulas in your area. Doulas will be regularly added to each group. Administrators are needed, so if you are interested in helping with your state, please contact Sara Carlson via email at


To add your doula business to the directories please email Sara Carlson ( and provide your business name, your name, location, what type of doula services you provide, other services, phone number, and email.

The new Doula Connect website is still under construction and seeking donations to reach .org status. All donations, big or small, will receive a note of thanks on the special thank you page of the site and can be made on PayPal to or via the link below.

Currently, all U.S. states are listed, and Canada's provinces and territories are being put together as well. We'd encourage all doulas across North America to jump on this chance to network and reach out to moms in your area. Three of the biggest reasons women who would otherwise benefit from having a doula during their labor and birth do not hire a doula are (1) not knowing what a doula is, (2) believing she cannot afford a doula, (3) not knowing where to find a doula. With Doula Connect we can solve at least two of these hurdles to having a birth advocate for every woman who wants one in North America.


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