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Chocolate Placenta Truffles

By Doula David Goldman, CD(PALS), CD(DONA) © 2012

Maple Candy Placenta Truffles

Around once a week (sometimes more) I show up like the pizza delivery guy and knock quietly on the door of the home of a family with a new baby. More often than not a new grandmother answers with a skeptical look as she gazes at my full hands. With a timid look on my face I say something like, “Uhhh hi… I’m the placenta guy.” I offer a giant smile as I kick off my shoes hoping to make it in the door to deliver placenta capsules, dried cord and membrane and usually a placenta print or two. I scan the room and find the Momma who has likely endured a rash of skepticism about “placenta medicine” from her family but was eventually convinced by her network of new Moms to try the ‘magic happy pills’.

Despite the fact that almost every mammal on earth consumes their placenta, the rich history of placenta consumption by humans, and the rapidly growing popularity in placenta encapsulation, there is very little research about human consumption of the placenta for medicine. The research that is available is old and inconclusive. That said, many of the folks who offer placenta preparations are hearing back from hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. Some anecdotal trends are fairly clear and are largely, but not exclusively, in support of consuming placenta.

On the anecdotal upside, many clients have reported increased milk production (sometimes 'excessive'), extra energy, quicker healing, feelings of 'balance,' joy, and reduced feelings of post partum depression. Some have saved placenta to be used long after the birth for easing menstruation, menopause, treating illness and much more. On the anecdotal downside, a few people have experienced little benefit, and a few have reported feeling worse - headaches and other mild negative responses. The take-home message is that while overwhelmingly, people seem quite happy with their placenta preparations, as with anything people need to listen to their bodies and work with care providers to monitor health if there are concerns.

Placenta preparations are as individual as births and people should feel comfortable asking for what they need or want. Placentas can be prepared in the client’s home or can be picked up to be processed in a very clean kitchen. Placentas can be prepared steamed or raw and then powdered and packed into capsules in various flavors and sprinkled onto foods or shakes. They can be cooked or added raw to foods such as sausages, pizza, lasagna or smoothies. They can even be made into tinctures and homeopathic remedies. The options are as varied as people who want to prepare or consume a placenta.

Placenta Chocolates

The option that has been getting the most interest among my clients recently has been placenta chocolate truffles, which I have so far made in dark, mint and coconut. The first batch was a collaboration with local herbal truffle maker, Marybeth Bonfiglio. Most are made with a large chocolate to placenta ratio hiding the finely powdered placenta in a rich chocolate ganache and then coated with a dark hard chocolate shell. If it is oxytocin and other happy hormones we are after, fair trade chocolate seems like a great vehicle.

Interest in placenta preparations seems to be increasing dramatically, as are the number of people who are learning to prepare them safely. If you decide to hire someone to prepare your placenta consider asking about how they clean their equipment between clients. There are common practices that most people follow in order to maintain safe conditions such as using equipment that is easy to clean and soaking with bleach for at least ten minutes between preps. To see some examples of preparations I have done, check out my Facebook page at or my less well-maintained web page Also see for information regarding placenta preparations and the small amount of research that is available.

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  1. I've had placenta truffles. Nothing better postpartum than placenta truffles and fresh strawberries. They taste great and you feel awesome!

  2. Chocolate Placenta Truffles!! Who would have thought... It's a good thing I didn't know this was a possibility with my last baby or I may have over-indulged...

  3. uh-oh. Maybe I should get my pills out, un-capsulate them and turn them into mama-only truffles. For once, a box of chocolates no one would want to eat but me!

  4. Placenta truffles, huh? How very interesting!

  5. Wow. I don't think this one is for me but interesting to say the least.

  6. If our bodies needed the nutrients from the placenta, wouldn't it be reabsorbed instead of expelled?

  7. Now pregnant with my third child I have only just heard of doing anything with the placenta in the past several months. I'm a pretty open-minded person and I'm so interested in this. However, I'm delivering in a hospital and as far as I know they do not allow placenta preservation. :(

    1. MamaintheLou - I had an unexpected, unwanted c-section with my last baby, and I still took the placenta home. You have a legal right to keep your own organs. All you have to do is state that you will be taking the placenta home with you. Bring a container to put it in, and your spouse or friend or doula or someone can take it home to put in the fridge for you. Most women have their babies in the hospital today (not my first choice, but those are the stats) and the majority who are encapsulating or prepping the placenta in other ways took it home from the hospital with them. You have the right - go for it. :)

  8. Wow, this is AWESOME! If I were to ever eat my placenta instead of encapsulate (I guess that's still eating) then this is the way I'd do it for sure!

  9. I so wish I could have gotten these!! I now take sheep placenta on the reg as well maybe I need to grind those up and make them into truffles! I bet it would kill some of the good stuff though. I keep saying this is mother natures crack for woman!! Seriously no crying and my husband is deployed I can't stop smiling it's so weird or cleaning lol!

  10. That actually sounds great! I did encapsulation last time maybe I can find a chocolate maker to do this for me next time!!

  11. placenta polenta every day keeps mommy bright and gay

  12. I would like to prepare placenta chocolates for my clients, however I am fairly new to placenta preparation. Are there any resources you recommend for placenta chocolates? Thanks!