Don't Retract Pack


Poem and Photo © Rachel House

You take from my body all you need to grow
Each part of my being to nourish your soul
Now here you come child, the window has opened and you seek your light
With growling and thunder my body roars, you take from your womb, you've opened the door

Here at my breast, how I've longed for you dear
My milk flows quick as I draw you near
Suckle sweetly, let our hearts keep time and our breath become sync
I am your mama, your anchor, north star
I hold you close, never am I far

Oh how the clock quickens, how time will not slow
I look up from my baby to see a child grow
First with the smiles, the laughs, the coos
You long for the grasping of toes, papas nose
You long for the ball, stuffed bear, and doll
Those moments when you are quiet at rest
I hold you so tightly and you take to my breast
My milk fills your tummy, it drips from your sleepy smile
I hold you my child, growing in my arms
I hold you for now because I can't hold you for long

Your feet have taken flight, your eyes oh so wide
You have a world to explore, it's right outside!
You run from me quickly, you spin and you dance
Your voice fills the air with style and song
My lap you still climb, my hand you will grasp
These moments are cherished, for they do not last

As the night draws you close, I hold you my dear for that sweet gentle suckle before sleep draws you near
Then all at once you come to me, smile at sister nursing at my side
You ask for no milk, you just give a kiss, tell me you love me and snuggle in for the night
I wonder and wait if you will come to me again, wrap your hands around and nurse with a grin
How quickly it comes to the beautiful end
Your belly has been filled with my sweet mama milk,
You've taken all you need to nourish yourself
You've taken from my body and I've given it all
Now here you are child, weaned and whole!

~Rachel House

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  1. Thank you for posting this for me! I wrote it quickly while I was laying in bed between my 3 year old and 3 month old daughters the morning it hit me that my oldest was really done nursing. I wrote it for both of them, one just beginning her nursing and the other at the end. Although it doesn't flow really well and could be improved, I wrote it straight from the heart and that how I want to keep it.

  2. That is absolutely lovely, straight from the heart. Thanks for making me smile.

  3. I absolutely love this. Your words feel so much like my own, and it got me teary eyed just reflecting on how quickly it all goes by... What a beautiful tribute to two lucky daughters! ❤

  4. Thank you Sarah, it has helped so much to share this very special doesn't seem to be celebrated as much as it should in our culture.
    I really appreciate your kind words!

  5. Made me cry. I love nursing my daughter, this will be a bittersweet day when it comes. Thanks.

  6. I LOVE this...made me cry as well because it is sooo very true!! I hope you don't mind Rach but I copied the link and posted in my Breastfeeding support group on FB to share cause it's soo beautiful and speaks what I think even though my daughter just turned 4 months last week...but she is learning soo many things that I have recently found myself crying because she is growing soo fast and my little teeny tiney baby is gone and growing lol


  7. Share away Crystal! My youngest is four months, she's growing so fast, way too fast! I've learned to really cherish it all!