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Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2017 takes place March 27-April 2 this year and we need YOUR help to make this year's 7-day event power-packed! As advocates travel to D.C. to participate, and floods of tourists the world over gather in Washington D.C. for the height of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, it is important that everyone in attendance has easy to access materials on hand. Items that parents and professionals, young and old, from all backgrounds and locations in life will want to take home with them for further review. Making this happen takes a significant amount of planning and organization on the part of many people, and it also takes financial support.

If you have never been to GIAW in D.C., here's a quick snapshot of a day's event:

You are standing with half a dozen others in front of the U.S. Capitol, and a group of 200 senior high students come up, interested in what you have to share. Teachers shuffle students along for group photos in front of the Capitol, and we have mere minutes to plant seeds of information and get interesting materials into hands of these future parents. Provided they are items students desire to take home with them, they grab things to take back on the bus, and look up on their phone they are on their way... This happens every single hour. Multiple times an hour. Sun-up to sun-down. The need is great. The impact is monumental. And we need your support in this important effort.

We will also be hosting two booths with free materials on the West Lawn:

The Men's Health table, that includes a variety of restoration devices for men to hold, learn about and explore their options, information on adult sexual health, and the impact that genital cutting and restoration has on adult men and their partners.

The Baby Health table, which includes instruments used in infant circumcision, information on the purposes of the foreskin, intact care materials, and resources for parents to pass on to friends and their home care provider.

Business Sponsors: Please include a note with your GIAW contribution of $75 or more. Include your organization name/URL. If you'd like an image, logo, or coupon code shared with advocates at large, email this to SavingSons@gmail.com Your business will be featured below, as well as at SavingSons.org, and with social media circles of Peaceful ParentingSaving Our Sons, The Intact Network, and GIAW, and be permanently linked at Genital Integrity Awareness Week.

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Individuals: If you are sponsoring in honor of someone, we invite you to include a note with your gift of any amount. Individual sponsors will be listed by first name, last initial only for privacy.

Supporters: Supporters giving $10 or more will receive a limited edition commemorative GIAW 2017 button. Sponsors giving $40 or more (or attendees who register) will receive a full Thank You Registration Pack of materials. Packs will be mailed at the conclusion of GIAW. To select specific cards, stickers, lanyard color, etc., email SavingSons@gmail.com with your choices and mailing address. All options can be viewed on Etsy

On behalf of the next generation of babies to be born, and the adults they will become -
Thank you for supporting GIAW!

By Mail To:
Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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GIAW Business Sponsors
Individual Sponsors

 ✭ Lauren C.
✭ Amy S.
✭ Omar S.
✭ Alissa L-R
✭ Enrico M.
✭ Anon in Michigan
✭ Samuel S.
✭ Sarah T.
✭ Amber B.
✭ Joseph H.
✭ Lindsey M.
✭ Wendy B.
✭ Thomas A.
✭ JoyLynn W.
✭ Erika B.
✭ Karen I.
✭ Mike P.
✭ Zachary & Jennifer
✭ Elise W.

✭ Liza K.
✭ Ashley B.
✭ Elizabeth D.
✭ Courtney S.
✭ Brett H.
✭ Heidi L.
✭ Kristina B.
✭ Kyle S.
✭ Micah & Noelle
✭ Rebecca R.
✭ Lindsay F.
✭ James E.
✭ Nancy R.
✭ Robbie J.
✭ Jamie P.
✭ Heidi B.
✭ Danielle J.
✭ Gillian L.
✭ Joe P.
✭ Jamie W.
✭ Michelle M.
✭ Krista M.
✭ Brittany V.
✭ Lindsey M.
✭ Karen G.
✭ Jennifer W.
✭ Ryann B.
 ✭ Gini M.

✭ Ryan L.
✭ Phillip C.

✭ Christina B.

✭ Jennifer & Andrew
✭ Greg R.

 ✭ Deedra B.
✭ Tresyang D.
✭ Scott S.
✭ Charity A.
✭ Drema S.
✭ David G.
✭ Meghan L.
✭ Cheryl S.
✭ Brittany F.
✭ Carrissa B.
✭ Amy T.
✭ Carol P.
✭ Max R.
✭ Jessica Z.
✭ Christina B.

✭ Deborah C.
✭ Jeffery D.
✭ Alicia S.
✭ Emily G.
✭ Robert J.
✭ Kendra T.
✭ Angela S.
✭ Brittany W.

✭ Elliott S.
✭ Dana C.
✭ Brian T.
✭ Steph C.
✭ Aundrea Y.
✭ Lauren R.
✭ Jason O.
✭ Janice W.
✭ Bret F.
✭ Seth K.
✭ Brittnee S.
✭ Kelly M.
✭ Shannon M.
✭ Sarah C.
✭ Ashley H.

✭ Holly & Erik

✭ Brian B. 

✭ Kayla L.

✭ Danelle & Nick

Select BLUE or PURPLE lanyard with your support.
Blue reads "Genital Autonomy is a Human Right"
Purple reads "ALL Babies are Born Perfect"

Commemorative 2017 GIAW Button will be given to all supporters.
This year, we celebrate 20 years of the FGM Bill in action, and strive to see this protection for all babies and children, regardless of sex.

Informative stickers included in your registration or support pack.

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