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Why You Should Consider a Career in Education

By Alex Martin © 2017

Why You Should Consider a Career in Education 

There are many misconceptions that exist today about seeking a career in the education sector, but for those interested in the field, it is often found to be the most rewarding experience of life. Many believe that teachers are consistently overworked, underpaid, and must have a love for small children in order to be successful in the field. However, many of the preconceived notions are incorrect. A career in education is much more than what happens inside the classroom. Education offers different exciting opportunities at every level, and each plays an important role both in and out of the classroom setting. Consider the following if you feel a career in education could be right for you.

Endless Opportunities

Working in the education sector means playing a role in a constantly shifting environment, no matter which area of the field you go into. Opportunities in education are nearly boundless, and offer exciting roles for people from all walks of life. If you have a passion for helping to develop young minds, look into an early childhood education degree at Gwynedd Mercy. Desire to go in-depth with a subject and pass your knowledge of history or science on to the next generation? A career in education can be focused outside the classroom as well with work readily available for skilled administrators, nurses, and other more generalized areas that can meld your personal talents with your interest in education. With the right requirements, a substantial income can also be made while practicing something you’re passionate about. Take your time to explore all areas of education to find the one that suits you best.

Life Experience Matters 

Your lived experience is perhaps the single most important thing you can bring to work in an education setting. Education is a field that has been dominated by women since WWII, however, studies show that the more diversity a child is exposed to from role models and leaders, the more well-rounded their education experience can be. Consider the impact that you could have in a child’s life. Maybe you’re a member of a minority group with a unique insight into the world that you can offer to your students. Maybe you’re an aspiring male teacher with a heart for teaching grade school and early childhood education who can exemplify a strong leader to his students. Maybe you’re an aspiring female teacher in a STEM field who can inspire other women to get involved in science and technology. Representation has shown to be a powerful tool in a child’s educational tool-box, and you have the incredible opportunity to be part of that story simply by being you!

Inspiring Minds 

Working in education can be as inspiring as it is challenging. Teachers tell stories of another teacher before them who inspired them - often as a child - to follow a path toward education. While you may find yourself challenged on a daily basis, consider how the knowledge you impart can become the basis of the next big idea in science, technology, or social justice. Think of the ways you were inspired by your education, and imagine passing on that passion for knowledge onto your students every day. It’s pretty incredible! Working in the education sector is not all lesson plans and grading quizzes. As an educator, you play a vital role in furthering society and shaping a better world for the future — perhaps the most important position there is. If you’re excited about seeing the potential for greatness in every student, look no further than a career in education.

Venturing into a career in education is not for the faint of heart, but can be the most rewarding experience of your life when you find the position that’s right for you. Do your research before seeking out a degree program, and learn your state’s requirements for entering into the education sector. Whether you want to teach kindergarten, work in a district office, or become a single-subject teacher for high-schoolers or higher education, you’ll go to work every day with the opportunity to change the world little-by-little, student by student. If you’re excited to share your passion for knowledge and inspire future generations every day, a career in education could be right for you.


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