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5 Things You Can Do To Prevent a Stroke

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent a Stroke

A stroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the blood supply is cut off from part of the brain, and it is often caused by a person’s age or a genetic predisposition. However, a stroke does not have to be an inevitable health problem, regardless of your family history or age. While it is impossible to change your genetics, there are things you can do to prevent a stroke.

1. Lower Your Blood Pressure

You are more likely to experience a stroke if you have high blood pressure, as it is the biggest cause of the life-threatening medical condition in both men and women. It’s important to maintain a blood pressure of less than 120/80, or at least 140/90.

There are various ways you can successfully lower your blood pressure, such as reducing salt from your diet, avoiding high cholesterol foods or quitting smoking. Visit to discover natural ways to reduce your blood pressure.

2. Lose Weight

Obesity increases your chances of experiencing a stroke, as it is also linked to diabetes and high blood pressure. People who are overweight must embark on a healthy eating plan to shed the pounds as soon as possible. You might be surprised to learn than losing only 10 pounds can considerably reduce a stroke risk. Lose weight by consuming no more than 1,500 to 2,000 calories each day, which will be determined by your BMI and activity levels.

3. Exercise

Exercise can reduce the risk of a stroke as it can contribute to both weight loss and lower blood pressure. We recommend enjoying a moderate workout at least five times per week. There are various exercises for you to enjoy, such as walking, running, boxing, playing tennis or attending a fitness class with friends. Aim to enjoy 30 minutes of exercise each day – or break up a workout into 10 or 15-minute sessions throughout the day.

4. Enjoy One Glass of Alcohol Per Day

You might be shocked to discover that one glass of alcohol per day can reduce the possibility of a stroke. Red wine is often the best alcohol choice, as it contains resveratrol that promotes brain and heart health. You must also be aware of glass sizes, as a recommended glass of alcohol is a 5-ounce glass of wine, a 12-ounce beer or a 1.5-ounce glass of liquor. However, ensure you only drink alcohol in moderation, as your risk of stroke will rise after two drinks or more.

5. Treat Diabetes

High blood sugar will damage your blood vessels in time, which can cause clots to form in your blood, which can increase your risk of a stroke. It is vital people living with diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes discuss the best ways to control their blood sugar with their doctor, and to take the appropriate medication, such as insulin or prescription medication. A doctor will also monitor your blood sugar levels so you can adjust your diet and exercise plan accordingly.

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