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Babywearing in the First Year

Thank you to peaceful parenting mom and babywearing educator, Michelle, for sharing this graphic compilation from Baby-Doo.

Babywearing in the First Year

When it comes to babywearing, it is important to remember that many changes occur during the first year of life, both physically and psychologically for your little one. Because of this there is much to consider when it comes to choosing and using a carrier for all of baby's diverse developmental stages.

The above diagram of the natural babywearing progression throughout a baby's first year of life highlights some of the ways that a human baby's hips, spine, neck and legs need different support through these stages, and also the ways in which a baby is nestled in the most safe and secure manner on a parent or care-giver's chest. In this fashion, whether using a quality wrap or carrier, baby will have the physical and neurological benefits of being worn, while the wearing adult has the most comfort!

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