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Why You Need Insurance on A Backpacking Trip

Disasters can happen to anyone, but we are not going to indulge ourselves with horror stories. Instead, we will share some tips that will help you stay safe. Whenever you go on a backpacking trip, make sure you get travel insurance.

You need someone covering you in case something bad happens. To help you do this, we are suggesting how to get the most out of your insurance without spending a fortune.

Get What You Need Without Wasting Too Much Money

The following are some examples of travel insurances that will come in handy.

Medical Expense Coverage: It covers Emergency Medical Care if you get sick or injured on your travels. Medical coverage is a smart option and can save your skin if you ever find your health compromised on foreign soil.

Baggage Coverage: In case your luggage or other stuff gets stolen or ruined, you will get an instant replacement. This is where Baggage Coverage comes in.

Passport/Credit Card Coverage: It is useful to reimburse or unauthorized charges on your credit including the fee to replace the stolen or lost passport and cash you had.

Trip Interruption Coverage: If you have an unexpected airfare, transportation and or lodging, the costs of returning home for an emergency, the insurance company will pay for all these expenses. 

Emergency Evacuation Coverage: This package coordinates and pay for your medical issues and will bear expenses of your treatment, even after you get back home.

These are the basic packages that you should get before going.

When going on a backpacking trip, you may also want to get an external frame backpack to carry your items. To learn more about such backpacks, read this review.

Adjust Travel Medical Kit Properly

Depending on where you backpack, you need to update the travel medical kit accordingly. Backpacking a trip to exotic locations is different than metropolitan cities of a developed country. You need a balance to keep things light. For example, you may need to prepare for the following

  • Painful Blisters 
  • Stomach Cramping and Diarrhea 
  • A headache 
  • Open Wound and Cut

If you have traveled before, you know the risk and pains you will experience. Therefore, make sure you have basic first aid for these scenarios.

Be Identifiable

It doesn’t matter whether you travel alone or in a company, you must be identifiable for the following reasons:

  • Making sure you get medical treatment if you fall unconscious 
  • Make sure your body is returned to your family in case you die 

It’s critical if you didn’t check in a hotel because there won’t be any record of you, especially in remote areas.

So be redundant and have copies of your ID including Identification page of your passport, driver license, passport card, etc. You also need your basic medical info in several places like your pack, money, and belt. You can also use a copy of your travel insurance as evidence.

Account for Your Backpacking Trip 

If you are the adventurous soul who likes participating in activities like driving, hang gliding, rock climbing, etc., then you better check with the insurance company because such activities will invalidate your cheap travel insurance. So, when you research plans, you need to compare different options. Review their exclusions so you know which adventure coverage upgrade will suit you best. Do your research.

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