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10 peaceful travel tips for high-flying families

If your extended family is far-flung or you’re working abroad on a diplomatic posting, you might fly more frequently than most. And while technology strives to make travel smoother, fate sometimes conspires to make everyone a little antsy about airplanes. With that in mind, here are ten peaceful travel tips for high-flying families.

St. Christopher

St. Christopher’s the patron saint of travelers, so many of us like to seek his blessings by wearing a discreet charm inscribed with his likeness on a chain. Shop St. Christopher medals at to find something suitably subtle. 

Vehicle games

If you’re driving to catch your flight and your kids are climbing the roof with boredom, don’t despair — old school vehicle games like the license plate game, I Spy and 20 questions are more entertaining than you might remember.

Compression socks

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can be deadly, so guard against it by buying some compression socks from a specialist supplier like Vital Active. They may not help you win the style stakes, but they’ll keep you safe at 35,000 feet.

Airport parking

Traveling to the departure airport with kids can be less stressful in your own vehicle than public transport. But book airport parking with to keep your care safe while you vacation — they’ve got secure facilities in locations from Newark to Nashville and beyond.

Ear pop prevention

Young children can find the ear-popping sensation which often accompanies takeoff and landing very painful. And while sucking sweets can help, soaking a tissue in warm water and applying it to the ear works wonders — ask the cabin crew to help prepare this remedy.


If you’re flight phobic but are entering a period of your life when you can’t avoid taking to the skies, self-hypnosis with the assistance of a program from might help. In time, you’ll teach yourself to feel completely calm and confident in as little as ten minutes.

Irish affirmation

As a nation with a large global diaspora and a deep history, Ireland has developed smart and sophisticated ways of wishing travelers well. Learn this travel blessing from by heart to turbo-charge your positivity ahead of a big trip.


Healthy travel snacks are a surefire way to keep kids calm and cool during a flight — so pre-pack some granola bars, trail mix, PB&J sandwiches and fruit juice. Full bellies lead to travel bliss, so don’t leave home without nice nibbles.

Magnet games

If your kids prefer real-life tactical fun to electronic entertainment, travel magnet chess or tic-tac-toe can be carried on the plane with minimum fuss and provide hours of entertainment. But be warned — when children get bored of playing with each other, parents have to be prepared to step up to the plate and take part.

Audio books

An audio book is an excellent way to while away the hours on a long flight. There are thousands of titles to choose from, but Buddhism for Busy People by David Michie is especially relaxing and cathartic.

So ends our list. Add your own peaceful travel tips in the comments section.

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