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Breastfeeding After Cancer

Nikki Heying shares publicly in celebration:

6 weeks old on the left, 30 weeks old on the right.

It’s been 6 months.

Six months since I was allowed to breastfeed my son.

Six months of a hard battle against CANCER, getting poisoned with chemo that tainted my breastmilk and prevented me from nursing my infant son.

Six months of pumping every few hours and dumping every single ounce of it all down the drain, just so I could keep my supply up, in hopes of eventually being allowed to nurse my baby again.

Six months of having a dear, sweet, generous friend (Bec Nikodem) come to my house 1-2 times a week to latch my son, just so he would remember HOW to breastfeed again when I was able.

Well, here we are; I had my last chemo session in January and it’s been 35 days post-chemo. My breastmilk no longer contains any remnants of chemo in it, and last night I was able to BREASTFEED MY SON AGAIN!!!!

It’s been a long road, but I wanted to share my journey publicly in hopes that it can be shared and might inspire others in some small way.

💚 God is GOOD. The power or prayer is REAL. 💚

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