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Finding the Right Outpatient Treatment Program for You

While there are a variety of addiction rehabilitation options, not everyone will need residential or inpatient care. Some people will have the support and routines somewhat in place and will benefit from outpatient therapy. However, for others, merely attending anonymous groups will not be enough, and they may require intensive outpatient therapy, which is the combination of several therapeutic practices to provide the most benefit to the individual. If you are in search of an intensive outpatient program, then keep an eye out for a center that offers the following services.

Individual Therapy

There is some debate about whether individual or group therapy is better for addicts. However, the answer depends on the individual seeking treatment. For those who do not suffer from other issues, like anxiety or depression, group therapy might be best. Still, for those who do have other underlying conditions motivating their behavior, individual therapy is more beneficial. However, it goes without question that both treatment options are fundamental to a successful recovery, which is why you should find a program that offers both.

Group Therapy

While there are benefits to the use of individual therapy, group therapy in outpatient programs in Orange County is essential to establishing a like-minded and motivated peer group. While you may not be interested in such treatment at the moment, group work allows you to relearn how to communicate and interact with your environment in a healthy and safe way.

Complimentary or Non-verbal Therapies

For some people, talk therapy is not the answer. Many people find it challenging to come to terms with their emotions in a verbal way, which is why complimentary or non-verbal therapies are a must to any intensive outpatient program. These treatments can include art, music or even equine therapies and have had positive results for many people in recovery.

Support Groups

Last, any legitimate outpatient programs in Orange County should provide support groups. While you may not be interested in sharing your story initially, there are benefits to hearing people with similar backgrounds and addictions share theirs. This type of group therapy helps to demonstrate that you are not alone in your struggles, and it can be beneficial.

Recovering from an addiction is not something that should be done solo. Support and therapy are essential to developing a healthy mindset and lifestyle moving forward from your addiction. If your addiction does not warrant the level of residential treatment, then consider finding an outpatient program that offers the therapies and support mentioned above.

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