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CoSleeping and Breastfeeding Go Hand in Hand

Breastfeeding / CoSleeping photo shared from Raising Her Barefoot
Dream feeding (night nursing) makes life easier for mom and happier/healthier for baby.

Cosleeping has made breastfeeding at night SO much easier. When Indie is hungry we both half wake up together, she latches on to feed, and we both fall back to sleep.

No need to get up and walk down the hall.

No need to turn the lights on.

We both stay warm snuggled up in bed together, she has a feed, and we drift back to sleep.

Cosleeping babies consume on average twice as much breastmilk as babies who sleep in a cot at night. Night time breastmilk contains twice as much beneficial growth hormone and significantly more melatonin (a hormone that contributes to normal circadian rhythms).

Breastfeeding and cosleeping go hand in hand. It’s the most natural feeling I’ve ever felt.

-Millie, Raising Her Barefoot

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