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5 Reasons Why You May Want to Donate Your Eggs

There are many reasons women choose to donate their eggs. You don't have to understand every step of the process to realize that participating in successful donor egg programs is the greatest gift any future parents could hope for. Here are some reasons you may want to consider becoming an egg donor. 

1. You can help create life. 

You can help create life as an egg donor. Anyone who has experienced the joys of being part of a family knows how special the bond of family is. Being an egg donor puts you in a unique position to help a couple experience the joy of parenthood. Think of it this way, every month you have an unused egg that could help a couple achieve their dream of creating a family. Egg donation is a truly selfless deed. 
Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles (PFCLA) in Southern California has more than a decade's experience helping patients from across the United States and abroad realize the dream of parenthood. Their doctors thoroughly evaluate patients before recommending egg donation and offer extensive resources to help patients select the right egg donor applicants for themselves. A leader in the fields of in-vitro fertilization and social infertility, PFLCA is the premier fertility center for egg donation in Los Angeles


2. It's an opportunity to learn about yourself. 

Egg donors are a part of modern medicine and you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself than you could have ever thought possible. You will undergo simple physical and genetic tests that will teach you about human reproduction and your body. You'll gain new insight about yourself during the egg donation process. It will teach you that there are many ways to live a full life and that you are able to give love with any guarantee of being loved back. Learning about giving the gift of selfless love through egg donation will help you connect to others in a way you never thought possible. 


3. Egg donation makes a lasting impact. 

Future parents put a great deal of thought and consideration into choosing an egg donor. Couples have often struggled with conceiving for years. It's a huge sign of trust and confidence when a couple welcomes an egg donor into an important and lasting life decision. Egg donors have the ability to fill a need that they may not have known they had. Your ability to empathize with a couple and take the empowering step to donate your eggs will make a lasting impact on all lives involved. 


4. You can be an advocate. 

You may not know anyone who has struggled with fertility prior to becoming an egg donor. Participating in an egg donation program will educate you about the challenges that couples go through. Couples often feel alone in this journey but your gift of egg donation shows couples that they aren't alone after all. You'll likely do research about the egg donation process, reproductive health, and how IVF treatments work. Egg donors can use their first-hand experience and newfound knowledge to advocate for families who are unable to start a family traditionally. 
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5. You will be a piece of an amazing puzzle. 

You will become a piece of an amazing puzzle through egg donation. The fertility journey comes with many pieces, much like a puzzle, all of which contribute to the overall picture. You as an egg donor will feel wanted and essential. Without your selfless contribution, a couple won't be able to realize the dream of having a family. 
No matter your personal reasons for becoming an egg donor, your selfless gift will bring endless joy to deserving parents. 


Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles' main office is located at 10921 Wilshire Blvd Ste 700, Los Angeles, CA 90024, and available by phone at (310) 209-7700.

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