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What Are the Benefits of Medical Grade Facials?

Taking care of our skin should become a key part of our daily routine to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance in the years ahead. One of the best options would be to undergo a medical-grade facial. This is a non-surgical treatment that instead uses topical remedies to improve skin conditions or slow down the aging process. You’ll benefit from a smooth, glowing complexion to be proud of. 

The good news is that medical-grade facials offer long-term results and requires no recovery time. If you believe that this treatment may be suitable for you, we’ve listed some of the key benefits to make a note of: 

Penetrates deep into the skin 

Unlike standard facial treatments, medical-grade facials work by penetrating deep into the skin’s tissue to carry out a thorough cleanse and restore its health. Despite the use of strong chemicals within the procedure, it should not cause severe dryness or sensitivity following treatment.

Alleviates different skin problems

If you have suffered from a certain skin condition for some time and tried every possible solution to alleviate the symptoms, a medical-grade facial could be the answer you’re looking for to get rid of the condition once and for all. As opposed to standard spa facials, this treatment uses specialist medicinal products that are designed to target individual conditions. 

When booking a medical professional or dermatologist at Dermani Medspa, you will undergo a full consultation to determine the best treatment option for you based on your existing skin condition. 

Some of the skin conditions that medical-grade facials can treat include:

Removes toxins

Each day, our skin becomes exposed to all types of pollutants such as dirt, grease, and pollutants which can clog up pores and lead to breakouts. You can give your skin a much-needed cleanse with a medical-grade facial, which exfoliates dead skin cells, opens the pores, and promotes greater circulation through various massage techniques. You’ll notice a brighter and fresher appearance almost instantly. 

Boosts collagen production 

Collagen is a protein of the connective tissue that helps retain plump and youthful skin. It plays a key role in improving the fullness and texture of the skin, as well as its suppleness and hydration to prevent wrinkling and dryness. While collagen supplements can be taken to slow down the aging process, a medical-grade facial tackles the issue with immediate effect and has even been proven to boost natural collagen in the body.

There are many reasons why people choose to have a medical-grade facial. Whether you have an existing skin condition or are looking to prevent skin complaints later down the line, you’ll benefit from undergoing a customized procedure that matches your requirements. Thanks to the use of strong substances and medical techniques, a professional doctor or nurse will be able to carry out an accredited procedure that cannot be achieved in standard spas. You’re certain to see an improvement after the very first treatment.

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