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Note: Peaceful Parenting was the target of a concentrated online bullying attack June 2017, and again July 2018. As a result, the primary Google accounts that housed materials for 12 years was lost, taking with it the majority of materials shared at and all email correspondence for the past 12 years. If you wrote to Peaceful Parenting prior to June 20, 2017,  or prior to July 23, 2018, and have not received a response, please write again. Thank you for your patience, and your support while we rebuild this gentle parenting resource. Further info: 

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About originated as a local effort on behalf of several professors and graduate students to gather citations for research based articles, qualitative thoughts, peaceful parenting commentary, and mother/baby-friendly materials into one easy-to-access location for students studying in the fields of human development, human health, family studies, and human sexuality. 

The site branched to readers beyond university life when students began to share resources with friends and family, and when professionals in a variety of fields across the globe began to request that their work be shared at Peaceful Parenting to further these educational efforts.

Today, we still reach a wide number of students studying in the fields of development, health, and sexuality, and also those within professional careers of birth, lactation, pediatrics, family counseling, and the social sciences. 

A second, yet equally prevalent group of readers, include new and expecting parents, as well as those raising families in a holistic manner -- parenting gently along the way. is not meant to be an end-all/be-all, but rather a starting point, a bouncing off location that serves to empower and enlighten, and lead seeking families to further resources along the way.

If you are an author or artist and have material you wish to share via Peaceful Parenting, please write to us using the contact information above. Authors can host and remove their materials at any time.

If Peaceful Parenting has made a difference in your life, and you wish to support our grassroots efforts to help families in need, or assist in the upkeep of and related Peaceful Parenting work, please click the support button above. Peaceful Parenting operates solely as a not for profit education effort by volunteers and donation. 

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