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The following expositions and events are those that are hosted in collaboration with Peaceful Parenting and/or Saving Our Sons. If you would like to become involved in leadership, please find your local Intact Chapter or add your local group to the Peaceful Parenting Network. Write to with questions or updates.

Upcoming Expos and Events:

NEW: Please find upcoming expos and events linked at: 

Peaceful Parenting: 

Saving Our Sons: 

The INTACT Network:

Past Expos and Events Photo Galleries:

Baby/Maternity Expos with Peaceful Parenting Booths:

Peaceful Parenting / Intact Tidewater - Big Latch On 2012:

Peaceful Parenting / Intact Tidewater - Big Latch On 2013:

Peaceful Parenting / Intact Tidewater - Birth and Beyond Family Expo:

Peaceful Parenting / Intact Tidewater - Healing Life Festival:

Peaceful Parenting / Intact Iowa - Iowa New Baby Expo:

Peaceful Parenting / Intact Tidewater - Hollister Nurse-In:

Intact Rhode Island - Nixi Baby Expo 2013:

Intact Rhode Island - Nixi Baby Expo 2014:

Intact Rhode Island: Babies R Us Booth 2013:

Intact Rhode Island: Big Latch On 2014:

Intact Ontario - The Sarnia Baby Show:

Intact Arizona - Great Cloth Exchange Intact Booth:

Intact Missouri - Baby Kid Expo:

Intact Vermont - Good Beginnings Expo:

Intact Tennessee - B97.5 Knoxville Parenting Expo:

Intact Virginia - Culpeper Hospital Expo:

Intact Maine - Childlight Yoga Mom and Baby Expo:

Baby/Maternity Expos with Intact Specific Booths: 

Intact Hawaii - New Baby Expo 2012:

Intact Hawaii - New Baby Expo 2013:

Intact Maryland - Frederick Birth Fair:

Intact Australia - Sydney Baby & Toddler Show:

Intact New York - World Breastfeeding Week:

PPN Louisville (KY) - Birth in the Bluegrass:

Intact KY - Birth in the Bluegrass:

Intact Omaha (NE) - Great Cloth Exchange:

Intact Omaha (NE) - Big Latch On:

Intact Maryland - Hagarstown Birth & Babies Fair:

Intact Omaha - Baby Love Essentials Baby Fair:

Intact Omaha - Natural Newborn Conference:

Intact Minnesota - First Steps Baby Expo

Intact Mississippi - Peaceful Parenting Expo:

Intact Florida - Green Baby Fair:

Intact Tennessee - Knoxville Natural Parenting Expo:

Intact Quad Cities (Iowa) - QCBC Birth Conference:

Intact Ontario - London Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo:

Intact California - Natural & Holistic Baby Expo:

Baby/Maternity Expos when funding for a booth cannot be secured:

Intact Hawaii - Oh Baby Expo:

Intact Florida - Sarasota Community Baby Shower:

Intact Pennsylvania - Women's Show:

Intact New York - Long Island Baby & Parenting Expo:

Intact PRIDE Events: 

Intact Rhode Island - PrideFest 2015:

Intact Rhode Island - PrideFest 2014:

Intact Rhode Island - PrideFest 2013:

Intact Tennessee - Tennessee Valley Pride:

Intact Maryland - River Runners Pride:

Intact Florida - River City Pride:

Intact Georgia - Atlanta Pride:

Intact West Virginia - Charleston Pride:

Intact New York - Buffalo Pride:

Intact Minnesota - Saint Cloud Pride:

Intact Florida / Intact Pagan Network - Pagan Pride Day:

Intact Seattle (WA) - Pride Parade 2013:

Intact Florida - Jackson Pagan Pride Festival 2014:

Meet-up / Chalking / Carding / Park Events: 

Intact Hawaii - Color Run!

Intact Tidewater (Virginia) - Color Me Rad:

Intact Wisconsin - Madison Zoo/Park Meet-up:

Peaceful Parenting - Great Chalk Event:

SOS - Chalk the Walk!

Intact Rhode Island: Chalk the Walk 2015:

Demonstrations and Rally Events: 

Intact Hawaii - Van Lewis Memorial Hospital Demonstration

Intact Louisiana - ACOG

Intact Louisiana - AAP

Intact Kentucky - Louisville Demonstration for Genital Autonomy:

Intact Ohio - Good Samaritan Hospital Demonstration:

Intact Iowa / Quad Cities - Iowa City Demonstration:

Intact Quad Cities - Davenport Demonstration:

Intact Florida - AAP & Van Lewis Memorial Demonstrations:

Van Lewis Memorial:

Intact Memphis / Tennessee Demonstration for Genital Autonomy in honor of Baby Ashton:

Intact New York Demonstrations for Genital Autonomy:

Intact Rhode Island: Providence Demonstration for Genital Autonomy:

Intact Connecticut: Providence Demonstration for Genital Autonomy:

Intact Massachusetts: Boston Demonstration for Genital Autonomy:

Intact Connecticut: Hartford Demonstration for Genital Autonomy:

Intact New York: Buffalo Demonstration for Genital Autonomy:

Men's Health Week 2012:

AIDS Conference 2012:

AAP Conference Demonstration 2013:

[Note: A lot of the photos from GIAW 2008-2011 were flagged and removed by FB - about 50% are no longer there; past years were moved to Off-FB locations and may be re-uploaded to the SOS page shortly.]

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2008 -

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2009 -

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2010 -

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2011:

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2012:

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2013:

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2014:


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