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Doctors on H1N1 & Flu Vaccine

When it comes to vaccines, I believe parents should look into each vaccine, and the disease it may prevent, and make a fully informed, wise decision for themselves and their child. These are just some recent headline news videos from some well known doctors (the first - Dr. Holtorf - has a specialization in infectious disease).

I am a bit surprised that everyone is encouraging pregnant and nursing mothers and babies under the age of 2 to get the H1N1 vaccine when these are the exact groups that the vaccine has especially not yet been shown safe to administer to. The package insert of the H1N1 vaccine states, "Safety and effectiveness of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or in persons less than 18 years of age."

The Dr. Oz bait for Vaccines: Why Did He Do It?

(posted on Dr. Mecola's site)

Dr. Mehmet Oz, talk show host and Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University is perhaps the most well-known doctors in the U.S.

In the first video, a Walgreens pharmacist gives Dr. Oz a flu shot -- which was also given to everyone in his studio audience. He states that he’s been getting the seasonal flu vaccine every year for about ten years.

But what you didn’t see in that clip was Dr. Oz stating that when it comes to the swine flu shot, neither his wife nor his four children will get the vaccine. This comes up during his interview on CNN, shown in the second video.

It’s amazing how many doctors have been hoodwinked into believing that the flu shot is a necessity. It’s also interesting to note that when employment is not on the line the doctor acquiesces to a far healthier approach, and his wife and children will be spared the toxic burden and other potential health hazards inherent with the swine flu vaccine.

It’s far less surprising how many corporations are happy to promote the belief that you need a flu shot every year, given how much money they’re making off of useless flu vaccines.

Study after study keeps coming to the same conclusion: Flu vaccines DO NOT WORK, and in many cases do more harm than good.

In fact, before the CDC advocated vaccinating children under the age of five, the number of children dying from the flu was very low, and on the decline. Then, in 2003, just after children aged five and under started getting vaccinated, the number of flu deaths skyrocketed.

For this year’s flu season, five biopharmaceutical companies have been awarded massive contracts by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for development and production of more than 195 million doses of swine flu vaccine, in addition to the seasonal flu vaccine.

The companies -- Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, MedImmune, Australian drug maker CSL, and Sanofi-Pasteur -- will likely make a great deal of money.

CSL has contracts to supply $180 million worth of bulk antigen to the U.S. MedImmune will supply 40 million doses of its live attenuated nasal spray swine flu vaccine for more than $450 million. And Sanofi-Pasteur is providing more than 100 million doses of monovalent swine flu vaccine, a $690 million order.

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  1. I LOVE DOCTOR OZ almost as much as I love Dr Sears! ;)

  2. That was a prime example of double talk. "America, you should get it because the risks are like lightening hitting you, but my wife and kids are not going to get it, and I am only getting it because it is mandated."

    He doesn't want people to be on the fence, but he obviously is himself. Nuts!

    Glad to say we will not be getting it in the house!

  3. I have not made my decision for myself and my 2 yr old. However, Dr.Oz is clearly in support of the vaccine in this video(I haven't seen him talk about it anywhere else). I understood the Dr. Oz vs Mr.Oz as that his wife has as much say as he does at home. Just my interpretation.

  4. Really Stephanie?! haha... I don't. But that is because he is too concerned about selling himself (and being Oprah's sidekick) than about spreading accurate information about the ONE topic I care most about... Plus, he is not as educated in AP-related material as Dr Sears.

  5. Tamara - I think (again) he is walking the line between telling the truth (what he knows and how decisions will be based for his family) vs. not pissing off the medical community/CDC/people who could dis him in the media - he makes MOST his $$ off media/t.v./Oprah today - not as a physician.

  6. Yeah, I do....I've watched him a LOT and yes, he may have a back-and-fourth about this topic (which yes sucks) but he is usually pretty awesome. As for him "selling himself" yeah maybe...I also think that's why he didn't outright say that HE is making the decision WITH his wife....because then he would be going "against the grain" So, yes, I agree with you there. But at least he did put it out there that his wife and kids will not be getting that, that will sway a lot of people I matter what he says, that is what he is DOING. You know?
    Obviously Dr Sears is the best EVER!

  7. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Passing this on! It's always *nice* to see "mainstream" names and people not going with the mainstream! LOL

  9. "Safety and effectiveness of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or in persons less than 18 years of age."

    EXCELLENT! Just what you want to see before you get shot or nasal spray. Scary!

  10. Danelle, maybe he would do a show on your topic if you suggest it to him - they love taking suggestions (he and Oprah), and since they do have such a wide viewing audience, I think it could help a lot. I'm still horrified at the number of people who do choose to get their children circumcised (some friends, family, and co-workers) who I have tried earnestly to educate about it. Coming from just a regular person it sometimes gets overlooked as someone's opinion rather than the truth, but coming from one of those two who have already built a name for themselves it could turn some more heads and make people listen up and change their awful ways!

  11. this is so funny bc i was watching the news this morning and i was like i know who i have to ask to find me some info on this. and ta da here it is. thanks!
    p.s. i will not be getting it!

  12. oh man, can you imagine if they almighty O took on the topic:-)

  13. Nicole - funny. ;)

    Megan - the topic has been suggested to Oprah NUMEROUS times in the past (at least I know people who were sending it in as a suggestion, writing letters...) I suppose it can't hurt to just keep asking... as long as she got some WELL educated people in to do the segment. Oz mentioned it briefly one time, but he did NOT explain anything in detail (I doubt it is an area of his study) and it was very disappointing. The biggest problem is: Oprah likes things that (in general) her audience is going to eat up -- so she doesn't do too much 'crunchy' work. I mean, look at the expressions she has made when interviewing people like Demi Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Crawford (homebirth) who all said they LOVED giving birth and wanted to do it again right away... I think one thing may be her not having kids - not being a mom herself. Maybe if she had a son, the topic would be closer to home. Another factor is that some of the cosmetic companies that use her and her recommendation in their advertising (and pass $ along to her) use human foreskins in their ingredients (high on natural oils) so this is rather a conflict of interests as well. THAT topic has been brought up to her... and it should get the media attention it deserves.

  14. BTW - the power of influence Oprah has is astonishing. If she quoted Penn & Teller and said, "Put down the knife: Step away from the baby!" I am fully certain we would see the rate drop from the 49-50% where it is now, to 15-20% overnight. Sometimes her power is used for good (rather than marketing) ... I just wish this were more often the case.

  15. As the mother to a "high risk" child (cystic fibrosis) and am choosing NOT to vaccinate her or myself against H1N1 for the obvious reason that it is so new on the market and uncharted territory. Instead, we will be hand washing like OCD people and avoiding sick people like the plague!
    P.S. The H1N1 vaccine injection is NOT thimerisol-free!!

  16. I doubt Oprah would ever want to do something that might go against her interest; isn't she pushing SkinMedica, a skin cream made from the foreskins of infants?

    Yeah, I don't think she's going to do that anytime soon.

  17. Yes, Joe. Sad. As of yet, babies don't have her 'power' on their side...

  18. My husband said he was driving in the city yesterday and saw a big sign outside a chiropractors office saying, "DO NOT GET THE FLU SHOT". Many doctors don't vaccinate their kids, yet they don't care about vaccinating yours. Hmm, why IS that? Maybe they KNOW SOMETHING many don't?

    Also, Dr. Mercola is very against giving kids the flu vaccine.

  19. So has anyone told Oprah that her skin cream is made from mutilated baby penises????? Do you think she would keep using it knowing she was rubbing a baby boy genitals all over her face and body? or has anyone even bothered to put it to her that way?