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NEW YORK: Baby Dies from Circumcision


Shock and sorrow for a mother and father in Brooklyn.

They took their infant son to the hospital for what they thought was routine surgery.

Now, they're planning his funeral.

Seven-month-old Bradley Dorcius died two days after having an operation to correct his urine flow and a circumcision.

In the recovery room at SUNY Downstate Hospital, his mother says Bradley began bleeding from his mouth and nose, and later died.

His parents are devastated and they're demanding answers.

The hospital spokesperson calls Bradley's death a sad incident and says the hospital is investigating. His parents say he had no allergies and no other known medical conditions.


  1. Does anyone know what was the result of the hospitals "investigation?"


  2. Yeah, I love the 'hospital is investigating the incident', what they mean is the hospital is busy covering it's own butt so it can 'lose' medical records so they can't be sued later on. This should have been investigated by the police!

  3. This hits VERY close to home for me, before I knew I had a choice for circ or not. Our first son was born with a very mild hypospadia (urethra hole under the head of the penis instead of at the end) and was told that he would end up peeing on his shoes as he got older and that he and his future wife would have problems becoming pregnant. What a crock of crap!!!! I wish I knew then what I know now, I would have probably come unglued in the doctors face and fired him immediately! Instead I went ahead with the reconstruction and circ when he was 6 months old. I'm SO very grateful he came out alive and OK, except he is missing his precious foreskin that if he had kept he couldn't "pee on his shoes" and what idiot would think that he and his future wife would have troubles becoming PG because of it? The opening is still on the head for heaven's sake! Sorry, off of my soap box now.

  4. Oh, Brenda, hugs to you momma. Our son had somewhat the same thing when he was born just several months ago. This article really helped me: But if I hadn't come across it, I am sure I would be in the same boat as you found yourself at the time. We all love our sons so dearly and do the best we can with what we have, don't we?