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Just wanted to let you know that the fabulous company, Spreadshirt, that makes these t-shirts, onesies, etc. for men, women, kids and babies, has a Buy 4 - Get 1 Free Sale from now through May 28th. We have enjoyed all the items from this company - they are good quality, look wonderful, and stand up nicely to many washes. We've ordered oodles for ourselves and gifts and have always been pleased.

The women's sizes tend to run just a tad smaller than 'average' - so if you typically wear a size L (and are ordering an adult shirt) you may want an XL. The men's sizes seem to be typical. For toddlers, you may want to go up 1 size as well (our 2T son, for example, wears the 4T even though it is a tad big on him). The onesies are about average in size, and are listed with specific measurements on the page.

Items on this page are just a sampling of what you'll find. There are several categories to browse (Breastfeeding, Birth, Attachment Parenting, Cloth Diapering/EC, Intactivism, CoSleeping, Babywearing, Un/Homeschool, etc.) or you can 'search all categories' at once.

If you need a color/phrase/style you don't see, let us know and we'll will pass along the word. We do not make, sell, or ship these items, but do help to organize those that are related to natural family living so they are more easily found. Email: with suggestions or requests.


United States: MAYSHIRTS

(codes are also listed at the top of the MadeByMomma page)

Put in the code at checkout.

And send us a picture when you get a chance. We love to see all of you in action!


  1. Putting an "I'd like my future husband intact" on a baby girl is almost as offensive as the "diva" and "princess" nonsense printed on many, many, many mass-produced "girls'" clothing. It suggests a sexuality (straight) and a belief in a particular institution (marriage) that is unfair to put on this kid. The message (anti-circumcision) is fine, but put it on a boy or an adult, not on a little girl. They have enough gendered, sexist, misogynistic ideas and expectations weighing on them already!

  2. I somewhat agree (with Feministy) - although the message - that male circumcision HURTS straight women who choose to partner with men - is one that many people don't think about (or research at all). In fact, many parents with only daughters believe that male circumcision has nothing to do with them (or their children) but it DOES - in one way or another chances are good that one of their daughters will either (1) partner with a man (2) have sons of her own someday or (3) befriend someone who is making this choice for a male child.

    We put so many awful engendered and sexist items on girls these days (just look at how the store shelves are stocked!!) I guess this one isn't even close to being as bad as most of those other make-me-a-sex-object-at-two items because the intention is a GOOD one and it does spark conversation.

    I see that the onesie comes in blue - and there are adult sizes too... in both MEN'S and women's. :)

  3. Firstly, those are all adorable shirts!!!!!!


    I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, BUT I do not agree at all. It is alright to have a since of humor and it is alright for a girl to think she is a princess/diva/whatever the heck she wants to be.

    Not everything has to be plain, unoffensive, politically correct and genderless. Kids can be raised to be smart enough to form opinions on their own.

    There can be flavor, humor, thought provoking ideas, wittiness and even a little PINK in life without damaging anyone.

  4. @Fanged:
    If you read my comment, you'd see that I didn't say anything about cutting out "flavor, humor," or "thought-provoking ideas" or the color pink. But dresing a girl in nothing but princess/diva & gender-specific clothing from the time she's born doesn't lead to "thought provoking ideas." Instead, it's a symptom of a gendered and/or sexist outlook that understands girls & women in a particularly anti-feminist & outdated way & instills those same ideas in the little girl.

    Why do "boys'" clothes (which we buy often for our daughter in addition to some pink and a "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" t-shirt - my favorite and hers) have symbols of pilots & firefighters, but girls' have princess and divas? Can you grow up to be a pilot or a firefighter? Yes. How about a princess? Nope. Not around here. Diva? I suppose, but would you want to?

    And, anyway, while you're so focused on pink, which I did not mention, what about the actual slogan, which I did mention? Why on earth would any parent even be thinking about a baby girl's "future husband" or even assume she'll have one. At that age, kids aren't dating (thank god!) and my issue is a parent assuming a particular sexual orientation for her/his daughter and, taking it a step further, assuming that this kid will also be getting married. It's weird.

    Also, why can little girls not be little girls? Why can't they be little girls who will grow into women one day and do great things with their lives? Why, oh why, do they have to be defined vis-a-vis their relationships with men?

  5. I love the shirts/onesies. I just have one little suggestion. I love the "Breastfeeding, Sling-riding, sleep-sharing, cloth diapered" but we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl. Is there any way you could also design the 'lucky boy' or 'lucky girl' into 'lucky baby'?

  6. Hoping to be momma - the 'lucky baby' onesies and shirts have been added.