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World Breastfeeding Challenge 2010

In 2001 the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge started in the Canadian province of British Columbia with 856 babies and their mothers at 26 sites. Last year there were 4,766 babies at 246 sites in 21 countries. And they were all 'latched on' at 11am, local time. This year, the Breastfeeding Challenge continues to grow globally as additional people join in to support breastfeeding and human milk donation.

Lucy Mills contacted me with the request that I pass along this invitation to Iowa mothers in the Cedar Rapids area to join in their Challenge location. As I've mentioned, there is a special place in my heart for Iowa and her mothers/babies because of my many years spent in the amidst the fields and universities of the Midwest. I figured this would also be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone, in every location on earth (with internet access, that is), of the Quintessence World Breastfeeding Challenge that will take place BY YOU on October 2nd. See below for details on how to find the challenge site nearest you, or to register and host your own! Let's together celebrate the pure goodness of human milk for human babies!

Attention all Breastfeeding Mothers

Be a part in the Quintessence World Record Challenge
Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 10:30 am
“Latch and count” at 11:00 am

St. Luke’s Hospital - Schwartz ABC & Room 163

The challenge is for the most mothers who are breastfeeding simultaneously in a set geographic area – province, territory, state or country as a percentage of the birth rate.

Mark your calendars!

For further information: Find us here on Facebook!

Contact Lucy Mills at or Joy McCulla

There will be sites all around the world!

Come show your support for breastfeeding!

If you are in Iowa: Click here for the BFC 2010 Cedar Rapids Flyer to Print & Post

More from the Quintessence Foundation
How it the Challenge Works:

What: The breastfeeding challenge is a fun “competition” where every child “wins” because they are breastfed! It is an event challenge to determine which geographic area (province, state or territory) has the most breastfeeding babies, as a percentage of the birthrate, “latched on” at 11am local time.

When: October 2nd, 2010

Why: to celebrate breastfeeding and milk-banking, and demonstrate promotion, protection and support for breastfeeding women and their families. It’s a chance for education and peer support done in a fun social way.

Location: a health unit or hospital, local coffee shop, mall, or any other venue.

Numbers: 2-??

"Latch on" 11am local time. Some sites are a few breastfeeding women who get together to “be counted” and visit, while others are much larger events with lunch, raffles, education, speakers, door prizes etc. The event itself is up to you!

Registration: Online at no cost (or option to print and mail) Visit

Read More about the Quintessence World Breastfeeding Challenge

Find a site that is already registered to participate on October 2nd or sign up to create/host a site if there is not already one by you.

If you would like your site listed on this page for peaceful parenting readers, drop us an email with details: peacefulparents {at}

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