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"I Survived the Bris" Onesie & Maternity Shirt

I am not sure which is worse - the smiley happy face baby on a newborn onesie that says "i survived the bris" (complete with two pairs of scissors on either side) for your freshly cut son to sport, or the description offered by Lil' Squirt Tees on CafePress:

Very funny kid's t-shirt! This I Survived The Bris t-shirt is adorable and funny and perfect for any little Jewish boy! Let the world know what a man you are and that you survived the bris!

There is nothing funny about this shirt. Nor is there anything 'adorable' about amputating healthy organs from a non-consenting minor. The babies who are subjected to these horrors are certainly not smiling. And boys born to Jewish parents have the same basic human rights to genital integrity that all other boys, born to parents of varying faiths, have as well. There are numerous Jewish men and women, strong in their faith, electing today to keep their sons intact. In fact, Dr. Ronald Goldman, Dr. Paul Fleiss, Miriam Pollack, and Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon are just a handful of the well known and influential Jewish parents who have pointed out that circumcision is not mandatory for a man to be a Jew. Many more are opting to have a Brit Shalom (a non-cutting ceremony) for their son.

Of course this all gets into a subject that reaches far deeper than the maker of this onesie likely ever meant to dig. Though, maybe it would do him/her some good to check out any number of the resources on Judaism and circumcision.

The last description line is especially sad. "Let the world know what a man you are..." This is a newborn baby we are talking about. He is not a man. Nor do we wish him to be at this point in his dependent, infant development. There is absolutely nothing "manly" about being held down against your will, only to have the most sacred of your body organs painfully sliced away - removing an important part of your penis you can never again get back. And there is certainly nothing "manly" about the adult who is subjecting a helpless baby to such trauma. A real man strives to protect his children against all undue harm.

I'd go one step further to suggest there is also nothing "manly" (or respectful) about designing or selling or describing such a onesie in this fashion. How terribly inconsiderate of the 100-300 who die each year in the U.S. alone as a result of circumcision surgery - those babies who didn't survive this unnecessary amputation. And so many more are left with negative consequences.

Yet, lest we forget this newborn baby, with his penis being cut apart, is just days old, having recently exited from the warm safety and security of his mother's womb, a maternity shirt is offered with the same design. It is strategically placed over the location where this tiny being is rapidly growing and preparing to enter his mother's loving arms - those same arms he will depend on to keep him safe once he has made his way there.

But, hey, why not announce to the world ahead of time "what a man" your newborn baby will be if he faces the blade and the blood... right?

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  1. this makes me very sad. there is nothing funny about the pain and fear newborn baby boys have to endure because of stupid, barbaric tradition.

  2. As the owner of Lil' Squirt Tees, I felt compelled to respond to your post since I've already gotten three pieces of pretty hateful mail from your readers.

    Yes, this is supposed to be a funny t-shirt. No I am not going to remove the t-shirt. If you don't like it, don't buy it. In fact, posting about it just helps drive traffic to my site and helps publicize the shirt most likely resulting in more sales.

    I'd like to respond to one email in particular:

    "Are you serious? Please tell me this is some sort of....I don't even know's just sick. What other forms of abuse are you going to offer shirts about?

    Keep in mind we are talking about actual human beings. Ones who for absolutely no reason are having a part of their body CUT off-- with no or inadequate pain managnent. Where's the joke in that? That's funny to you? Do you offer an "I survived rape" shirt? That's just as funny.

    I'm disgusted."

    I'm not going to argue with the other emails, as people have different beliefs. However, to try and compare a bris to rape is reaching just a bit in my opinion. I feel like I'm watching Fox News.

    1. Both are acts performed on your own genitals without consent - they both leave you permanently scared for life (although in the case of circumcision you are also physically scared). Where is the 'reaching' exactly? Is it that it is done to a baby? Would actually raping a baby and leaving no physical mark of the atrocity be OK then?

  3. We should make a special onesie for that poor buy who lost his glans to the Mogen clamp. That circumcision was performed by a mohel, and even though Mogen promised a "risk-free" circumcision, he still managed to muck it up. The shirt should read "I survived the bris. But my glans: RIP"

    There should be a tombstone with like a mushroom on it.

    Wouldn't that be cute? Hah, hah, hah?

  4. That's.....chilling. (thinking about the 100+ babies each year that DON'T survive)

  5. oh. my. god. *gags* How the hell can anyone find that amusing? =(

  6. Why don't they make a onesie that says, "I survived my drop-side crib" with a cute little icon of a smothered baby or something. They recall MILLIONS of cribs for a handful of deaths, yet make baby clothes with scissors on them celebrating circumcision??

  7. I find is a disgusting indictment of society that we encourage this sick association of penile mutilation with "manliness", or that we regard "manliness" as good at all, given that it is so usually characterized by emotional numbness, aggression and obstinacy.

    That people value "what a man they are" is just as disgusting and sick as removing piece of flesh.

    Why not be a real man and exercise some compassion?

  8. No boy survives the bris, they all leave with a piece missing...

  9. and what if some mama who's baby didn't survive sees this at a family gathering? what's next? Pink ones with little African girls smiling happily about their "circumcisions"? ugh people--UGH!

  10. Although chilling in it's attempt at humor. I actually find its honesty to be comforting. I'd rather see a shirt acknowledging the danger than dismissing it.

  11. Sarah I don't think they are acknowledging the danger - I think that's the whole point. Maybe this is just my disgusted take on it, but I read it as, 'see no big deal! Tee hee!' Similar to old navy's ridiculous 'formula powered' onesie - both seem to be advocating a 'we're fine, despite X' mentality that sadly permeates our society. I don't think kids should merely survive things, they should thrive. And beginning life with violent sexual abuse is no way to do that, nor is it something to joke about. Change the color of that ones to pink and see what happens.

  12. I'm boycotting Christiana Aguilera because she had a party with penis balloons for her son's bris. I was all like f you b when I read it in a magazine. So are there Tshirts for I didn't survive the bris for all the dead babies...oh not so funny that way.

  13. People who say they were "fine" forget that everyone who isn't "fine" isn't around to talk about it. :(

  14. This is what I sent:

    Are you serious? Please tell me this is some sort of....I don't even know's just sick. What other forms of abuse are you going to offer shirts about?

    Keep in mind we are talking about actual human beings. Ones who for absolutely no reason are having a part of their body CUT off-- with no or inadequate pain management. Where's the joke in that? That's funny to you? Do you offer an "I survived rape" shirt? That's just as funny.

    I'm disgusted.

  15. Maybe we could get t-shirts that say, I survived the molestation or rape? jeez

  16. Melissa, exactly what I was about to say. Maybe we could get one that says "I survived the female circumcision" for Muslim girls from Malaysia, you know? Oh spread the diversity!

  17. What. The. Hell.

  18. Another one for boys AND girls: "I survived Ashoura" (google it. Warning: NOT PRETTY)

  19. As so many are pointing out, there are so numerous babies who do not survive genital cutting, and we wouldn't market a shirt for survivors of FGM, or other forms of sexual assault with a smiley face and the weapons from their attack.

    Why do this for MGM? :(

  20. Natalie - Obviously we all have a gut reaction- trust me, I don't *like* this shirt... I'm just saying that a quip about having survived a blood ritual as opposed to one that said - for example - "I slept through my circumcision" ... just seems at least honest.

    I like to see stuff get out in the open. For example - even though I cringe with shame to hear a sexist woman say something negative about male anatomy - I'd rather see her stand up boldly and come out with it - revealing all her sexism honestly... than if she tidys it all up and tries to save her face and her sexist heart and utters "UTI reduction".

  21. 8 days old =/= a man

    However I am forced to accept that some people believe without certain religious rites their child will suffer for all eternity - I don't understand it because I'm not religious. However saving your child from eternal torment is a lot better reasoning then "so he doesn't get teased in the locker room"

  22. ugh. that just breaks my heart. so glad my boys are intact.

  23. Lil' Squirt said...

    "I'm not going to argue with the other emails, as people have different beliefs. However, to try and compare a bris to rape is reaching just a bit in my opinion."

    Yes, and trying to say that female circumcision is "mutilation" is "reaching just a bit" too right?

    Yes, everyone has different "beliefs." How far are you tolerant of them? Across the board? Or just as long as you're comfortable with them? Or just as long as you're making money?

    This blog post will do either one of two things:

    1. Drive traffic to your website or,

    2. Give you BAD PUBLICITY and make your business go DOWN.

    I do hope your business goes DOWN for promoting the institutionalized genital mutilation and child abuse of minors.

    Unless there is a medical indication that commands it, genital mutilation and child rape is precisely what infant circumcision is.

    What an absolutely disgusting shirt.

  24. Brenda, that's still no excuse. We have spent centuries overcoming the fear and irrationality bred into us by religion, this is just one more example.

    We wouldn't tolerate "god wants me to" as an excuse for other human rights abuses, this one is no different. They need to be taught that it is up to each individual to "save themselves" if their religion requires some kind of salvation. And then they can be told to leave people to choose for themselves if they want all of their genitalia or just a part of it.

  25. Seriously??? ugh...I want to vomit...

  26. I don't want to sound religiously intolerant...but that's just disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

  27. Makes. Me. Sick. This one in my opinion goes right up there with the "It's not rape. It's surprise sex tee-shirts." Truly beyond the pale.

  28. Lori, ever wondered why being against female circumcision doesn't make anyone in our country "religiously intolerant"? Isn't it religious bigotry to be saying "Your religious customs are worthy of respect under cultural relativism; those other ones? Not so much."?

  29. disgusting. absolutely disgusting. It is one thing to commit this breech of human rights against your child... it is entirely different to put a shirt like this on your child.

  30. Lil' Squirt,

    Peaceful Parenting has a readership that goes into the thousands (beyond 15 000). I'd say that this bad publicity probably won't get people to ramp up your sales.

  31. More ideas for onesies:

    "I Survived My Father's Gang Tattoo."

    "I Survived Hot Iron Branding"

    "I Survived Ashura Head Carving"

  32. I wonder if they also sell a suit for a funeral with a 'frowny' face and x's for eyes saying, "I DIDN'T survive the bris"? That is so disgusting and disturbing on SO many levels!

  33. Even *if* you agree with male circumcision for religious reasons (which I don't) its down right DISRESPECTFUL to joke about it. Its disrespectful for those who didn't survive and for the seriousness of the rite for those who practice it.

  34. My email: Wow.... baby survived the Bris. At least you're being honest, and recognizing that not all of them do.

    Did you know that? 117 babies die every year from complications of circumcision.

    I think you should also make a 12 month onesie that says "I SURVIVED SIDS." That would be HILARIOUS!

  35. This onesie is so sad. . . I keep thinking of all the little boys in the United States who don't survive having their genitals cut every year.

    Also, I don't get the Fox News reference made by Lil' Squirt. Anger and disgust at making light of genital cutting? Is that what they're doing on Fox News now? Hmmm, must have missed that.

  36. This makes me so sad. Just this week we learned we are having our second son and all I can think is "I'm saving one more innocent little boy". So very sad that people would find this funny.

  37. I think it is sad that it's not enough for the medical and cosmetic industries to make $$$ from the amputation of healthy baby body parts, but now the textile industry wants to profit from the foreskins of our helpless baby boys too.
    I think that restraining an innocent victim and treating them in a violent, destructive, or abusive way applies in both circumcision and rape, and I do not watch Fox News either, so I missed that "excellent" point.

  38. Since everyone has already quite eloquently stated my own feelings WRT the onesie, I'll leave that alone and simply say that I don't get why it's also offered on a maternity tee?? Truly makes me scratch my head....obviously the unborn child has not been faced with the horror of circumcision--yet. He is still warm and safe and utterly protected by his mother's womb. Would to God that all mothers would strive to make their ARMS as safe a haven as their wombs!

    Maybe someone should suggest that Lil' Squirt change the maternity tee to read, "I HOPE I'll survive my bris!" Makes much more sense that way....

  39. I probably won't change Lil' Squirt's mind. But, hopefully, what I posted will make some impact:

    "Just today, I saw your "I survived the bris" t-shirt. I know that you may not agree with me, but male circumcision is not something to make light of. It is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure. No health organization in the world recommends it. Look it up. And 96% of the time in the US, it is done with no anesthesia. Ask any full-grown guy if he would like his penis operated on, without anesthesia, without his consent. I'll bet he says "NO THANK YOU." Should we not consider the feelings, emotions and physical well-being of babies, just because they cannot speak for themselves?

    I understand a bris is a religious ceremony, and therefore runs a lot deeper than "cosmetic surgery." Okay...well, my religion says a preteen girl must have her vagina sewn shut to promote purity. Still okay? Nope. It's surgically altering her body, without her consent.

    Like I said, perhaps you don't agree with me. But you can at least acknowledge that there is nothing funny or lighthearted about circumcision, right? Ask any baby boy. Or ask one of the hundreds of parents who have lost their babies in circumcision complications just this year. Those boys didn't survive."

  40. Why is this offensive onesie available in pink too? Is this for the baby girls who undergo female circumcision in Africa? Usually that's not considered a bris, though.

    If this was meant to be funny, I guess we need to remember that some people just have a sick sense of humor! And laughing at the unnecessary suffering of an innocent child is just sick.

    People will do anything to make a buck today. In this case, it's at the expense of innocent children.

  41. I'm a Jewish dad with an intact son. I would never buy this shirt or buy anything from you. It's sad you would use new born suffering and stereotype an entire religion to sell merchandise.

  42. This looks like it might have been a self-designed logo that is now available for sale. I hope NO ONE buys it but unfortunately, someone will probably think "it's the perfect gift" *gag*

    To have this on a maternity shirt is ridiculous. The baby hasn't even "survived" birth yet (probably destined to be a c-section if the mom who buys this is as ill-prepared for birth as she is for peaceful parenting), let alone the bris.

    Lastly, it should also NOT be on a pink onesie. Unless they change it to "I survived my genitals being mutilated".

  43. To L'il Squirt:

    I understand that the bris shirt offered on your site is supposed to be humorous. I understand that there are all kinds of "I survived the x, y, and z" shirts out there, and they are meant to be funny, maybe sort of tongue-in-cheek. However, the reason that so many people are upset over the message portrayed on this baby shirt is this: the word "survive." While I believe it was likely not your intention at all, the use of the word "survive" in this context can be taken as offensive and in poor taste due to the fact that there are babies who do *not* survive their circumcisions, tragically. In fact, there was a recent study that reported the number of baby boys who die in the US due to circumcision complications is the same as the number of baby boys who die from SIDS each year (a bit over 100)! Because babies actually do die from circumcision, having a shirt that jokes about babies "surviving" the surgical procedure is more than a bit off-putting to many readers here. Does that make sense?

    I agree that it would be highly offensive to put "I survived SIDS" on a one year old t-shirt. Most people recognize SIDS deaths as serious and not to be joked over. The deaths that result from infant circumcision need to be made known so that it is not ever considered to be a laughing matter, because babies dying is NEVER funny in the least. Again, I doubt your shirt was trying to make fun of the deaths of babies, but I hope that you can see how people might think of that upon seeing the word "survive."

    Lastly, I believe that if you are to be taken seriously, you must not use the word "hateful" regarding messages that were sent to you. While I have not read your personal email (obviously!), I read the one you posted here, and nothing written in it showed hatred toward you. Hatred would have been something along the lines of, "You are a terrible person for putting this message on a shirt," and I saw nothing along those lines. Also, in order to be taken seriously, you should not make random comments intended to insult somebody/thing not even related to the topic - in this case, Fox News... I mean, what does any news station have to do with this topic at all? It is generally well-known that Fox News gets grief from people for being too conservative, so by making comments intended to show your disdain for Fox News, you are putting off a segment of readers who may watch Fox News, or who may identify themselves as conservatives. In trying to defend your position regarding your baby t-shirt and its message, you are making fun of people who watch Fox News... and I don't see how that is effective or why it even has a place in this discussion.

    Erin (who doesn't have cable and doesn't watch any news at all!)

  44. ugh how disgusting is this. some sick humor i must say. i cant wait for the day when everyone will be able to CHOOSE how their own genitals look.

  45. I asked them if they're going to sell a onesie suit for the ones who don't survive the bris. Then I said BRIT SHALOM ONLY!! The baby should decide, not the parents.

  46. They also have a shirt that says My Mom's a MILF, so I'm assuming they're into incest too?!??? WTH?!?

  47. They might as well have one that says "My momma thinks my circumcision is sexy."

  48. And then they turn around and call US the "foreskin fetishists." "Hello, pot? This is the kettle. YOU'RE BLACK."

  49. This site has many inappropriate shirts. They all have a common theme: make someone else feel bad about themselves. The Bris one is just absolutely disgusting though. These messages are the ones our cruel sick and ailing society teaches our children from day one. No compassion, kindness, and common decency. I think it's quite sad that people with a sense of what's right and wrong are immediately categorized with "right wing zealots." Hey NEWS FLASH: I'm not religious and I don't watch Fox News I just know that torturing a baby is ALWAYS wrong!

  50. If you are against circumcision, you don't endorse it, not even when it's "cultural" or "religious." You can be "respectful" of other peoples religions without encouraging or endorsing harmful religious practices. I'm sure if girls survive FGM, that's good too, but you don't encourage it.

    This is an advertisement of ritual abuse.

  51. ‎Someone on Facebook mentioned it would be a "cute gift for a bris." Yeah, then there should be "cute gifts" for a female circumcision too.

    Hey, if they survive it's something to celebrate, right?

    How far are we "tolerant" of other cultures, rites and traditions? How far do we observe "cultural relativism?" Is it across the board? Or is it only as long as we are comfortable with a cultural practice?

    How well would other "cultural" shirts go?

    "I survived foot-binding?"

    "I survived Ashoura?"

    "I survived my clitorectomy?"

    Doesn't sound so "cute" when it's child abuse we are not familiar with, does it?

  52. Can I ask why the posts supporting our site haven't been posted? I've had a few fans say that they've tried to post responses here but to no avail. I think it's only fair that you open up the comments on here and leave the moderation out of it.

    Here's our facebook page where you can post what you like and I'll try not to moderate at all:

  53. Interesting how people against female genital mutilation aren't called "intolerant," even though they make no exception for "religious" FGM. Not even if it were performed by professionals... in a clean hospital... with pristine equipment... with pain killers... as a baby so that she "never remembers..."

  54. Shouldn't it say "I Survived the Bris UNCUT" because most babies to "survive" circumcision, they are just never the same mentally, emotionally or physically afterward.

  55. Lil Squirt,

    We prefer not to have people supporting baby mutilation

    Children of the World.

  56. I actually misunderstood this at first glance, I thought it was implying that there was no bris at all as he was spared from circumcision.

  57. A good onesie could say, I survived the bris intact!

  58. Over 100 babies die from circumcision complications in the U.S. every year. Clearly it IS something that "you won't survive."

  59. she DOES sell this shirt in pink as well...So are we to assume she is Pro-Genital Mutilation for all children??

    Who in the world would buy anything off of such a person? Not me that's for sure.

    And why not a shirt with a little smiley and some cute little belts, and it could say I survived being abused.

    It really all amounts to the same thing anyway... :(

  60. Does anyone know how to speak Egyptian? If so, please translate this: "I survived the ancient tribal rite!" I'm sure it would sell like hot cakes over there. Do people really buy this crap?

  61. Oh, how hilarious


    I guess the infants who die from circumcision aren't real "men" then.



  62. Here's an email I sent to those readers that have emailed us directly:

    Thanks for your email. Unfortunately I've been unable to respond to the blog post and comments recently since the blogger at Peaceful Parenting won't approve any of my submissions. It's unfortunate that it's turned into a one sided debate.

    Perhaps you should also reach out to the blogger or post a response asking them to please approve all comments, not just those agreeing with their point of view.

    As I mentioned to someone else who had emailed, perhaps you, or Peaceful Parenting, should consider creating a t-shirt design promoting your point of view instead of bashing mine. Additionally, while I personally don't view the shirt as tasteless, I do view some of the hateful emails as tasteless. Sending hateful emails doesn't help to get your point across at all. Sending statistics with no reference also doesn't help your argument. Perhaps you should try a more educational approach and not one where email blasts are sent with threats and hateful words.

    As you can see from the rest of our selections at, we're not a hateful site, rather a fun and witty and cute one. Maybe you don't agree with everything on the site or find them all funny, but plenty of people do and obviously those people are our target audience and not yourself. Maybe you should be directing your efforts elsewhere and in a different manner because I can tell you, the types of emails coming from this blog and the blog post themselves don't educate people or sway their views, it instead makes the blog and their readers come across as Fox news like talking heads who don't validate their arguments and just repeat phrases they've heard.

    Again, thank you for your email and I hope that Peaceful Parenting will start to approve all comments, not just those that agree with the original post.

    Lil' Squirt Tees

  63. I had to look up what bris means and couldn't believe what I read: really??? how is it even legal?

  64. "Intolerant" is a word that seems to be thrown around a lot... that to disagree with somebody else's decisions is "intolerant" and therefore "mean." The bottom line is this: One can disagree with anything that anybody else chooses to do, and that is their business. But as soon as one's decisions are hurting another person and violating their rights (as in circumcision, abortion, rape, physical abuse...), then it is a GOOD thing to be intolerant of it, and not just in stating a personal opinion, but in fighting against these harmful practices!

  65. Rachel Ann WeisbergerSeptember 17, 2010 10:29 AM

    Heck, as the wife of a Jewish man I find this horrifically offensive. We attend synagogue and the vast majority of the congregation ALSO found this shirt to be tasteless. Well... there is no law that says you can't have bad taste ^_^ Too bad.

  66. Mathew (Lil' Squirt):

    There have been three comments that were not approved.

    One was from an individual who found the onesie appalling, but also included an anti-semitic remark that was disrespectful to Jews and the Jewish faith.

    Two did not address the subject (the onesie and its message). Rather they were vulgar attacks on others here who have commented and solely name-calling against "Intact America" (an organization that is not a part of).

    This site serves as a location of research and empowerment for those seeking to parent in a baby/child-friendly manner (i.e. one that leads to children's optimal health and well-being). At the core of this is not subjecting newborn babies to unnecessary and harmful genital cutting (male or female) or body amputations without medical need.

    There are many places on the web to debate this subject if someone is in favor of FGM/MGM (female or male genital mutilation). But this particular site has never been one for people to come and unload their name-calling, trash talk.

    We'd like it to be a safe space for parents who genuinely desire to obtain research based information to help them make healthy, informed, conscious choices along their parenting journey, to be able to ask questions, and express things (respectfully) without being attacked or having it turn into ugly mud slinging.

    If someone is in favor of MGM/FGM, and does not wish to investigate the subject further, it is unfortunate, but this may not be the community they are seeking.

    That said, we have not advocated for anyone to send you 'hate mail' and certainly do not support viscous attacks on anyone - baby, child, or adult - either by knife or by written word. There is ample information here (and a life-time's worth of additional research) to discuss that pertains to your onesie slogan. It can be discussed in a productive, rational, and intelligent manner.

    Feel free to email me directly with any questions/concerns you may have. It is not *you* I have a problem with (indeed you may be an amazing, wonderful man). Rather, it is the shirt that minimizes the severity of sexual assault upon newborn babies in the United States. As others have pointed out, we do not laugh about surviving other forms of abuse, attack, rape, or harm to ourselves or our babies. This should be no exception.

    We have a number of regular readers who have lost sons from circumcision surgery. And countless others who have watched the perils of circumcision's consequences play out in the post-op aftermath. It is very difficult for these parents to grasp that someone could make light of the tragedy that comes from a myth filled society intent on cutting their sons needlessly, and as a result, taking them too soon.

  67. A better onesie/tshirt option...

    "I Survived My Bris INTACT" on the back

    found at:

  68. Lil Squirt:

    What is the other side of the debate you are looking for? "People have the right to wear this because it's witty and cute?" "I think circumcision is funny and should be treated with carelessness?" What is it?

    Because I'll tell you this honestly, a few months ago I had no opinion on circumcision. Had I seen this onesie then, even I would have thought it was weird. Now that I know better, I think it's just ridiculous. If you're looking for another side of the debate, you won't find it, because nothing that can be said holds a candle to the side of the debate that everyone else is posting. You can't compare your right make and sell a "witty" onesie to joking about chopping off parts of genitalia without consent.

    I hope that isn't seen as hate, but that's the truth.

  69. Wow. The t-shirt is tasteless and unfunny at best. Actually, it makes me feel physically ill. What stuns me though, is the arrogant, defensive and confrontational attitude of the seller.

    "Yes, this is supposed to be a funny t-shirt. No I am not going to remove the t-shirt. If you don't like it, don't buy it. In fact, posting about it just helps drive traffic to my site and helps publicize the shirt most likely resulting in more sales. "

    Well, there you go, the bottom line: money. Who cares about the rights of a helpless child or the pain and suffering of that helpless newborn baby when there's MONEY TO BE MADE PEOPLE!!!

    I thought this t-shirt was the result of a lack of judgment or poor taste. Now that I've read the responses from the seller, I just find it all very, very creepy. What kind of person finds humor in violence against a helpless newborn baby??

    BTW, how is genital cutting without consent different from rape?

  70. I will be contacting CafePress the company that makes the shirts,maybe if they here about this they will remove them... after looking at lil squirts fb page it is obvious they get them from a larger company, funny thing is all of the other "companys" that lil squirt sells are from CafePress also... CafePress is the one who should be contacted in regards to this, they have in the past removed other items when public has demanded it... maybe someone from Peaceful Parenting can contact them also?

  71. The meaning of the maternity shirt is not clear to me. After all, babies in utero certainly didn't "survive the bris"!?