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Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Carving Pattern

International Symbol of Genital Autonomy
Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Note: It may be necessary to open the image in a new window, save, and print as large as you need for your individual pumpkin size.

Above: International Symbol of Genital Autonomy (copyright-free). You are welcome to use this symbol in any of your creations - for sale or otherwise - and to represent any group, merchant, school, location, organization or event that holds the values of genital autonomy for all at its foundation. This symbol was created by Megan Oregon and signed into the public domain in 2011. Learn more about this symbol at:


Below: NOCIRC's Genital Autonomy Child Symbol. As of 2013, this symbol is copyrighted for use by NOCIRC and the International Symposium. It is not free for use by all advocates of genital autonomy, unless permission has been granted by the copyright holding body and proceeds go back to NOCIRC and the Symposium. Advocates for genital autonomy have been asked to *not* use the NOCIRC symbol in their awareness raising efforts.  Learn more about this symbol at:  To read of how this version of the pumpkin carving pattern came to be and see some photos of pumpkins other families have made in past years, see: Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Carving.

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