Genital Autonomy Child Symbol Pumpkin Carving

By Danelle Frisbie © 2010

Whether or not my son will grow up to be a baby-saver is yet to be seen. But he did a great job selecting the perfect pumpkin for our genital autonomy carving. You can download NOCIRC's genital autonomy child symbol pumpkin carving pattern that I sketched by hand (and had help cleaning up for a final version) here.

a little help from Dad

These tall pumpkins were heavier than first meets the eye...

Helping to clean out the 'good stuff' inside (for pumpkin seed baking!) and the carving begins...

I enjoy keeping the cut out pumpkin parts intact, to replace them for a silhouette style look in the dark. It is something I have fond memories of my dad doing with his funny pumpkin ears, eyes and noses when we were little.

We had a good (not so creepy) time doing a little in-the-dark photo shoot:

Above: GA Child Symbol in place for the lighted silhouette effect

Below: GA Child Symbol removed for the natural fully 'carved' effect

After we finished carving our GA pumpkin here on the homefront, we found that another friend did just the same. Guggie Daly writes at The Daily Guggie Daly and showcased some pumpkins here. Her creation reads, "Circumcision: The more you know...the SPOOKIER it gets!"

Mom to a brand new little boy, born unassisted in water at home under the harvest moon, Daly recently noted that, "I did not 'choose' to keep my son intact any more than parents 'choose' to let their newborns keep their legs, arms, nose, etc. It's a non-decision." Isn't that the truth!

A wise, yet commonsense thought for the season:

"Remember: Carve pumpkins, not babies!"
~ Chris McCaw

For additional resources on intact information, see Are You Fully Informed?

*Note: The Genital Autonomy Child is a trademarked symbol belonging to NOCIRC
It cannot be used on merchandise or for-sale items.

In spirit of the season, Christina of Intact Iowa
shares this photo of her son in his "Cut Pumpkins. Not Babies." tshirt from Made By Momma.


Genital Autonomy Pumpkin Carving Contest!! 

Winner will receive a whole stash of genital integrity items ($20 value) to share in your area and save more babies from this spooky horror.

Request a set of Halloween Info Cards here.
Suggested donation (includes shipping):
$3 = set of 25
$6 = set of 50
$10 = set of 100

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