General Info Cards, Magnets and Supplies can currently be requested here. Request tab for individual items is included under each image (click photo to open). 

When requesting multiple items, please make a list of:

(1) The item names
(2) The quantity of each item you'd like
(3) The cost of each item
Add to find the total amount and submit via ONE request link or follow the directions below. Include a note via PayPal on the items/quantities or email 

If you prefer to order without PayPal taking out 5%, you may do so in the following manner:

 1) Log onto 
2) Click the "Send Money" tab at the top of the page 
3) Enter as the email
4) Put in the total amount 
5) Check "I'm sending money to family or friends." 

Orders may be made by mail by writing to: 

Peaceful Parenting
PO Box 1302 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Intact Bracelets, Cards and Supplies

Signs and Banners

(for marches, demonstrations and events)

*Always be sure to verify that your mailing address is correct.*



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