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all items ordered during these days will ship after Jan 28

General Info Cards, Magnets and Supplies can currently be requested here. Request tab for individual items is included under each image (click photo to open). 

When requesting multiple items, please make a list of:

(1) The item names
(2) The quantity of each item you'd like
(3) The cost of each item
Add to find the total amount and submit via ONE request link or follow the directions below. Include a note via PayPal on the items/quantities or email 

To order without PayPal taking out 5%:

 1) Log onto 
2) Click the "Send Money" tab at the top of the page 
3) Enter as the email
4) Put in the total amount 
5) Check "I'm sending money to family or friends." 
6) Include a note with items you are ordering and your address or email

By Mail:
Peaceful Parenting
PO Box 1302 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

*Always be sure to verify that your mailing address is correct.*

New Parent? Info Cards
25 = $3
50 = $6
100 = $10
200 = $20
Know Better ❤ Do Better
Request Here

❤ peaceful parenting ❤

peace ❤ love ❤ parenting
Request Aqua Here

 peace ❤ love ❤ parenting
Request Green Here
*Note: the photo light below causes the green to appear more neon than it actually is. This is a deep, dark green - see photo above for accurate color.
New Color: Green/Blue/Violet Tri-Color with same text.

The Expecting? combo pack of informational items is significantly smaller than the full circumcision info pack (no DVDs or full articles), but is perfect for sending to any and all expecting friends/family. Materials are professionally made and serve to plant seeds of information on each of the following topics: circumcision, intact care, breastfeeding, babywearing and healthy baby sleep (i.e. no 'cry it out'). These items are mailed directly from Peaceful Parenting and include a thorough amount of material on circumcision and intact care, while at the same time covering other parenting topics that will impact a baby's life. 'Keeping future sons intact' themed info is included to ensure parents who already have boys that were circumcised find community with others in similar positions, and are empowered to make different decisions the next time around. The Expecting? pack can be mailed anonymously - simply include an individual's name and address for shipping, or email with this information. Indicate if you would like the Christian or Jewish themed information on circumcision to be added to the pack.
Request Here


If you prefer to order without PayPal taking out 5%, you may do so in the following manner:

 1) Log onto
2) Click the "Send Money" tab at the top of the page
3) Enter in
4) Enter the amount for the number of packs you are shipping
5) Check "I'm sending money to family or friends."
6) Include a note with the names/addresses of packs you wish to have sent and whether you would like Jewish or Christian based circumcision literature included.



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