Top 10 Most Read Items of 2016

We're saying so-long to 2016, and looking ahead with positive aspirations for a fresh, new 2017!

In case you are new to Peaceful Parenting, or missed one of these well-loved items along the way, the following articles are the 10 most read at this past year. It is our hope that you find something empowering or useful while you're here.

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#9 One Regret [Ear piercing of infants]

#4 Fetal Ejection Reflex [and shared birth wisdom]

And the most read article at Peaceful Parenting in 2016: 


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Sleeps 'Til Christmas - Countdown For Kids

How many 'sleeps' till Christmas... a fun little countdown for kiddos sent to us from Dreams and The Sleep Matters Club of the UK:


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