SOS Odyssey: Florida Intact Rallies


 • A voyage marked by fortunate changes
 • An intellectual quest

The SOS Odyssey is a national intact rally, with traveling billboards, making stops in cities across the nation. We host positive, proactive, family-friendly events that raise public awareness and open doors, open hearts, and change minds for the future wellbeing of the next generation. We disperse information along the way, and empower local advocates to keep the momentum going long after we've left town.

Join us in Florida this December when we host events in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Orlando!

We will have the giant traveling billboards, and signs for everyone to use, and (provided funding needs are met) materials for you to take home and move your intact seed-planting to new heights! Come out with your family for a fun, friendly, positive day of awareness raising. Each location has been chosen with meaningful public exposure and children's participation and safety in mind.

If you live in any of these 4 locations and are willing to host 1-2 responsible, adult men in your home for one night, please message the Saving Our Sons Facebook page or email These gentlemen do not need much except for a safe place to sleep.

If you're unable to join us for the Florida Odyssey, please support this event. Each of the adults heading this tour have taken an unpaid week off work to make this happen, and will be traveling to Florida at their own expense to host. The cost of putting on this Odyssey is $1100, with gas between rally locations, overnights, and materials to give away to attendees and passerbys at each event location. Odyssey hosts will need to cover anything that isn't funded on our own -- please help us if you can. Your gift will go a long way this month, and these are the most cost-effective billboards to reach the widest number of people across the nation at each SOS Odyssey.

Thank you for your support, and we will see many of you in Florida!

♥ To give:

SOS Odyssey Supporters
With sincere gratitude - we cannot make this happen without you!

★ Jeffery S.
★ Amy E.
★ Kayla C.
★ Jessica S.
★ Robert B.
★ Aneesa B.
★ Tracie H.
★ Michael E.
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SOS Odyssey: Florida event page:

Saturday, December 16: Jacksonville Event details:

Sunday, December 17: Tallahassee Event details:

Monday, December 18: Gainesville Event details:

Tuesday, December 19: Orlando Event details:

SOS Odyssey: Florida Route

SOS Odyssey: Florida Photo Gallery
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SOS Odyssey: In the News
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World Health Organization (WHO) Breastfeeding Code

The World Health Organization Breastfeeding Code
Read full text:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF about 1.5 million babies die every year because they were not able to receive human milk. Many more millions of babies each year suffer from infectious diseases and malnutrition, never reaching a baseline level of health and development because they were artificially fed. When human milk substitutes are absolutely needed, they can be live-saving. However, more often than not an artificial baby feed industry preys on the insecurities of new mothers, and a culture full of 'booby traps' designed to make a buck off babies and hook parents into this billion dollar business of taking the place of human milk.

Because of this, the World Health Organization implemented an International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

What is the WHO Breastfeeding Code?

On May 21, 1981, the 34th World Health Assembly adopted this International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, and added it to the World Health Organization (WHO) Constitution. More than 160 countries and territories, including the United States, agreed to take steps to implement the Code. An upholding of the Code, however, is a matter for the government of each country to decide, in keeping with its social and legislative framework.

The aim of the Code is to "contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants, by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding, and by ensuring the proper use of breastmilk substitutes, when these are necessary, on the basis of adequate information and through appropriate marketing and distribution."

The Code (World Health Organization Publication WHO/MCH/NUT/90.1) states there will be:

• NO advertising of breastmilk substitutes to the public.

• NO free samples to mothers.

• NO promotion of products in health-care facilities.

• NO company 'mothercraft' nurses to advise mothers.

• NO gifts or personal samples to health workers.

• NO words or pictures idealizing artificial feeding, including pictures of infants on the products.

• Information to health workers should be scientific and factual.

• All information on artificial feeding, including the labels, should explain the benefits of breastfeeding [as a baseline level of health], and the costs, hazards, and risks associated with artificial feeding.

• Unsuitable products, such as condensed milk, should not be promoted for babies.

• All products should be of a high quality and take into account the climatic and storage conditions of the country where they are used.

What is occurring in the United States?

The U.S. government has formally given the WHO Code to U.S. manufactures of artificial baby feeds, along with the government's perspectives on the impact of the Code on those companies. All three major manufacturers have their own code of conduct where the marketing of infant formula is concerned, and all three have declared that they will abide by the International Code when doing business in developing countries, while reviewing their practices in industrialized countries, including the United States. However, as Gabrielle Palmer points out in her fantastic book, The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business, anything that supports a normal feeding of human babies puts the bottom dollar turn-out of these manufacturers at risk. Each one profits - in monumental ways - by undermining a new mother's belief in her ability to feed her baby.

In reality, it is very rare for a human mother to be able to grow a baby inside for 9-10 months, have a live birth, and then not be able to sustain this life outside. The female body is made to birth and breastfeed. When hormonal troubles come into play, we usually see them first impair the ability to become pregnant, stay pregnant, or birth a live baby. When all this takes place, it is scientifically uncommon to not also have the body produce the milk needed to continue to nourish this new life. It is only when we sabotage the normal birth and postpartum period, as well as mothering and breastfeeding in general, that we see problems arise for mothers and babies.

The American Academy of Pediatrics adopted a policy stating that the Academy would terminate the support it received from any company which promoted its products (infant formula) directly to the public. Unfortunately, there are other ways in which artificial feed companies find their ways into the pediatrics practices across the nation -- latching onto mothers when they are in a position of highest doubt (immediately before and after birth).

The United States laws put in place to protect the safety and sanitary condition of artificial baby feeds on the market are the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 and the Infant Formula Act of 1980. Complaints, information on microbiological and nutrient testing, and manufacturer's audits can be found in the amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Action, International Digest of Health Legislation, 43(3):556 (1992).

A variety of groups and individuals have written articles supporting the WHO Code, and discourage people to personally or professionally associate themselves with companies that are in violation of the Code.

For these reasons and more, Peaceful Parenting ceased Google ads at as of 2011, that previously brought in funds for hosting the website, and contributing to the non-profit work of Peaceful Parenting. It forced us to become dependent solely on good-will donations from readers, but also ensures we are not participating in WHO Code breaking marketing that surfaces repeatedly online today.

Furthermore, our Breastfeeding Group is one of the only community groups for nursing moms with babies of all ages that adheres to WHO Code voluntarily. This is a group that all breastfeeding mothers and lactation consultants are welcome to join, with the understanding that we take a fundamental pro-baby stance in the group.

The Case for Midwives

By Brooke Faulkner © 2017

We often see midwives as a rising trend in pre- and post-natal care, but midwives have been around in some form as long as women have given birth. Documented history of the profession dates back to ancient Egypt. There’s a good reason why the profession has lasted this long and is seeing a rise in popularity again: midwives make for safer, more peaceful and natural births than obstetricians or hospital births. More than that, in rural areas midwives are saving lives and promoting education on how to raise healthy children.

In Nigeria, a program inviting new and retired midwives to spend a year providing basic service has brought major change in the country.

Midwives are the answer to a question a lot of moms struggle with: how to have the best birth experience? What will be the safest, for both mom and baby? What birth plan is the least traumatic and will benefit the health of mother and child the best in the long run?

What Nurse Midwives Are

A nurse midwife is a medical professional who specializes in pre- and post-natal care. They are one of the many kinds of registered nurses, which means that nurse midwives are highly educated and trained in their field. They are also certified, which requires passing an exam as well as ongoing education. The American Public Health Association and the World Health Organization recommend midwives, which ranks them among the best birth care professionals.

Midwives provide healthcare, assistance and education for all phases of the birth cycle. A midwife can help pick out your birth plan, talk through your medical concerns, help birth your baby and assist with newborn care, including breastfeeding guidance. And, in the worst case scenario, a midwife also knows when it’s time to go to the hospital.

Midwives Make for Better Births

Intuitively, mothers know what’s best for them. Midwives make the best partner for births because they can help with natural, non-traumatic birthing practices. Research backs up midwives: pregnancies with midwives as the main caregiver have fewer miscarriages, are less likely to give birth before 37 weeks, and are less likely to have C-sections and episiotomies. By the numbers, that’s 2.1 percent episiotomy (compared to 33 percent in hospitals), and 3.7 percent C-sections (compared to 32 percent in hospitals).

C-sections and episiotomies are violent, traumatic experiences for mothers and children. Midwives are prone to employing safer methods, like perineum massage and waiting for fetal ejection reflex. Midwives (and homebirths) also mean a more private, intimate experience. Expecting moms who don’t like the idea of being exposed, half naked in an environment where their wishes come second place to an OB’s judgement can find the more humanized, fulfilling, blissful experience of childbirth they’re looking for with a midwife.

Afterbirth Care

Once the baby is born, parents — especially new parents — still need help with their care. In some European countries, new moms get home nurse visits. That practice isn’t commonplace here, but midwives some will visit you at home to see how life with your baby is progressing, and give struggling moms education and support on breastfeeding. Midwives mean better survival rates for newborns: they can help lower the chance of SIDS by being in the baby’s environment. After carrying your baby, and birthing him with care, midwives can help begin his life with you in a healthy, more natural way — a way of your choosing.

Due Date Calculator

Due Date Calculator

It goes without saying that nothing brings more joy into our lives than new parenthood. But along with this joy it also brings feelings of anxiety, nervousness, unpredictability and wonder. Babies are extremely unpredictable. No amount of parenting books, magazines, google searches or elders’ advice can prepare you fully for this mammoth task ahead of you. However, some amount of strategic planning can help you and calm your nerves while you wait for your bundle of joy.

Once you get a positive pregnancy test, the next step is to get it confirmed from your ob-gyn with an ultrasound. The doctor will most probably also give you your due date at this appointment. This appointment is generally held between 10 to 14 weeks. While you wait for your first appointment you can use this easy pregnancy due date calculator to help you start planning –

How to use this due date calculator?

The link will take you to the due date calculator. It is extremely easy to use. It takes the date of the first day of your last period and the approximate length of your menstrual cycle as input and gives you the estimated due date (EDD) as output.

How do due date calculators work?

Many due date calculators are available online today. They use different principles to calculate your baby’s due date. They are based on the date of the last menstrual period (LMP).

The Naegele’s rule for determining your baby’s due date is most commonly used by due date calculators. A pregnancy lasts for roughly 40 weeks from the day of conception and this duration is called the gestation period. Naegele’s rule adds 40 x 7 = 280 days to the first day of your menstrual cycle, the result of which is your baby’s due date. Here it is assumed that a woman’s period cycle runs for 28 days approximately and ovulation occurs on the 14th day.

However, some women have a menstrual cycle longer or shorter than 28 days. The Mittendorf-Williams rule takes this deviation into consideration. This makes it a more accurate method of calculating the due date. It takes different factors like race, height, weight, maternal age and average luteal phase length (second half of menstrual cycle after the day of ovulation) into consideration. This makes the calculation way more complicated.

This due date calculator uses the Mittendorf-Williams rule and hence is more accurate than other calculators you find online.

How accurate are due date calculators?

The accuracy of a due date calculator depends on multiple factors. If the expectant mother has regular monthly periods, there is a very high chance of the due date being accurate. However, for women with irregular periods it is important to confirm/determine the due date by measuring the size of the fetus during the first ultrasound appointment. Another point to note is that only around 5-6% women deliver their babies on the due date. Hence, a due date calculator provides you with an approximate due date or a range of 4 weeks between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. Only a pregnancy above 42 weeks is considered overdue.


In conclusion, we can say that due date calculators are helpful in providing the expectant couples with a general idea of when to expect the arrival of their baby. The first day of the last period and length of cycle play a role in determining the due date. The Mittendorf-Williams method calculates the due date more accurately than the Naegele method as it takes into consideration a cycle size below or above the average. This factor makes the due date calculator more accurate when compared to others found online.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Mom

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Mom

Christmas gift buying is a challenge for many people. You do not want to be gifting mom a present that will end up in the back of the cupboard or in the local thrift store before the new year. Here we look at some ideas, that go far beyond garage-bought chocolates and flowers. Here we’ve chosen the perfect Christmas gifts tailored for every mom you need to shop for:

For the Domestic Goddess

Sign up with an online florist and send a bouquet of flowers to your mom each month. Having flowers at home has to been proven by science to boost creativity, and reduce anxiety. For longer lasting blooms, choose potted plants that can be transferred to the garden. For one of the most perfect Christmas gifts choose a flower that will never die. An Eternity Rose, a natural rose, dipped in either gold, platinum or silver, or a rose that is glazed in colour and trimmed with gold is a wonderful token of your unending love to your mom.

For the mom who loves to entertain

Attractive Le Creuset products are trusted by professional chefs and loved by those who enjoy cooking, make them ideal Christmas gifts for those who love to entertain. Le Creuset is most famous for its cast iron cookware, but they also produce stainless steel and stoneware products for the kitchen and the dining room, plus accessories that also make great gift ideas.

Oscar de la Renta not only has a successful line of lingerie, he also has a home-ware range that includes an amazing tortoise glass ice bucket paired with a gold lid and tongs that will add elegance to any Christmas party.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York have the most fabulous contemporary gifts, from a hand-blown coffee maker through to an Italiani Cheese Connoisseur Set that includes high-quality knives crafted specifically for slicing and serving soft, semi-soft and hard cheeses.

For the Yogi

Yoga company Hugger Mugger offer eco-friendly yoga equipment with mats and blocks made from cork, jute, bamboo as well as natural rubber. Manduka sell well-designed, sustainable, seam-free yoga kit to help mom stretch and bend in comfort.

A yoga retreat in the hills of Portugal, whilst sleeping in a teepee or yurt may just be the break your mom deserves. Choose between a 5 star spa retreat or a more rustic rural escape. For something closer to home, choose a gift certificate for a local studio and promise to mind the kids whilst she’s at class.

For the Gym Buff

If mom’s going to the gym with the same bag she used before the kids were born, now is a time for an upgrade and a bag that she will not be embarrassed to carry. This could be a Tommy Hilfiger tote, a Stella McCartney sports bag or a Kate Spade weekender, that can double-up as a bag to take on a weekend away with the girls

Moms, particularly new moms, sometimes struggle to get used to their new body shape after pregnancy. A gift certificate for personal training can teach mom some new moves at the gym, build strength and grow confidence. Consider joining her as working out with a friend can bring even better results.

For the Runner

If your marathon mum still has her Garmin Forerunner 10, it’s time for an upgrade. The Garmin Forerunner 630 crunches all the data necessary for training and racing. It even has a built in recovery advisor that will tell mom when to take a break.

Comfortable headphones that deliver good sound quality make for a much easier run. SENSO have built Bluetooth Headphones that include 4.1 CSR technology, an IPX-7 waterproof rating and an eight-hour battery life.

For Sleeping Beauty

La Perla is famous for it’s ultra-luxe lingerie, but also has some gorgeous nightwear too, because as a mom, she’s a woman who deserves to feel special.

Being mom is tiring, particularly for new moms. Rest may not be easy, but changing out of an old T-shirt and sweats into luxury leisurewear will make her instantly feel better. Asceno’s satin pyjama pants with side-seam stripes will look good at any time.

10 Benefits of Cloth Diapers

10 Benefits of Cloth Diapers! Brought to Peaceful Parenting families by Mom Loves Best. ♥

Jenny Silverstone is the mother of two, the blogger behind Mom Loves Best, and a modern eco-friendly mom. In her spare time Jenny enjoys writing engaging content that aims to encourage new parents to consider more natural and sustainable parenting methods such as cloth diapering and breastfeeding. She is best known for her article "The 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding" which has been shared by hundreds of bloggers and industry leaders.

Join in conversation with other cloth diapering families in the Cloth & EC

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Saving Our Sons Fall Benefit

Saving Our Sons Benefit

To donate an item:

• Quality photo of your item(s)*
• Item value (retail + shipping)
• Item description (material, size, ingredients, etc.)
• Your shop name and website (if applicable) 
• Where you will ship (U.S. only, Canada, other nations)*

Email this information to

*You may also ship donated items to SOS directly at the address below,
and we will photograph and ship to winning recipients.

Bidding goes live Nov 25, and ends Dec 1.
New items may be added through Thursday, Nov 30.
All donors agree to ship items to winning bidders no later than Friday, Dec 8.

Items will be highlighted with the Peaceful Parenting, Intact Network, and Saving Our Sons communities, among other parenting and human rights groups and social media networks.

To give in lieu of the auction, become an SOS Sponsor, donate,
or support the upcoming SOS Odyssey.

Saving Our Sons
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Thank you for your generosity and support as we
work toward a future of genital autonomy for all.

Click on an item below to bid on Facebook or use the Win-It-Now option.

All items include shipping in the U.S.
View full album on Facebook here.

New Baby Care Kit
Included with this bundle is an Expecting Mom pack of informational items, 25 Lanolin single use packets, 8 travel packs of Calmoseptine (good for 2-3 typical applications), The Windi (to relieve newborn babies of painful gas/gut issues), and a small breastfeeding journal with coupons from Boppy and Target.
Retail Value (with shipping): $13
-- Click Image to BID --

Circumcision? Never Again!
Share why you would make a different decision next time around, and spark conversation with parents-to-be. This canvas tote bag expands to hold 2 1/2 gallon jugs, plus extra, or plenty of groceries. It is also a good size to use as a quick school or gym bag.
Included is a matching button, two bracelets of your choosing, and a set of info cards or stickers of your choosing.
Retail Value (with shipping): $20
-- Click Image to BID --

Plastibell with Clear-Top Metal Tin
One new sealed Plastibell for use in education and at expos, in a clear-top metal tin that is perfect for display (so your Plastibell does not disappear at your next event). This item is meant for educators and those leading exposition booths.
Retail Value (with shipping): $15
-- Click Image to BID --

GIAW Commemorative T-shirt
Deep purple from Washington D.C.'s Genital Integrity Awareness Week and Worldwide Week of Genital Autonomy. Gildan Heavy Cotton
Winner may select from Small, Medium, or 2XL
Retail Value (with shipping): $15
-- Click Image to BID --

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: The Rest of Our Lives
Newly released (Nov 2017) CD | Factory Sealed
Will be shipped with a stash of intact stickers or cards (winner's choice)
Retail Value (with shipping): $15
-- Click Image to BID --
Click Here to Win-it-Now ($12)

Sparkle Intact / Genital Autonomy Key Chain
Vinyl, Felt, Lobster Clasp
Winner selects color choice (blue, white, green, purple)
Donated by: Starlight Dragonfly
Retail Value (with shipping): $9
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom crocheted Saving Our Sons / Intact Symbol Ornament
Non-breakable | RedHeart Yarn
Retail Value (with shipping): $10
Donated by Made For You By Anu
-- Click Image to BID --

Placenta Encapsulation Package: $175 Gift Card
Whispering Willow Birth Services serves the Hampton Roads, Virginia and surrounding areas (including some of NE North Carolina). Included in this package are: • Placenta Pickup, • Placenta Encapsulation, • 2 Placenta Prints, • Cord keepsake, and • Return delivery to the client.
Retail Value: $175
-- Click Image to BID --

The Village Birth Center $1,000.00 Gift Card
The Village Birth Center is the first and only freestanding birth center in Hampton Roads, Virginia, serving all of Tidewater and surrounding areas. Midwife, Jennifer Rector, is the longest practicing midwife serving mothers in SE Virginia, attending births at home and at the birth center, and handling all forms of prenatal care. In case of transfer, The Village Birth Center is 4 minutes from a supportive major medical facility.
Retail Value: $1,000.00
-- Click Image to BID --

Rare YouTube Elephant in the Hospital Bumper Sticker
Extra Long - 22.5 inches | New Navy/White Outdoor Heavy Vinyl
Retail (with shipping): $22
*Winner agrees to share a photo of their new bumper sticker in action with donors
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom crochet GA Symbol slouchy hat
Superwash Merino Wool | Adult Size | Burnt Orange & Chocolate
Retail Value (with shipping): $40
Donated by Elvish Knittables
-- Click Image to BID --

Kinderpack - Infant/Standard
Brand new, tags attached. "The Good Fight" print.
Has attached matching Pink/White Polka-Dot hoody-hood.
Has seat 'cinch strap' and 6 strap size adjustments.
Fits babies 8lbs-35lbs (approximately birth to age 2).
Will ship with 2 "Born to Be Worn" babywearing bracelets.
Retail (with shipping): $179
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --
Click Here to Win-It-Now ($159)

Metal lift-lid carrying tin with 150 advocacy stickers
Winner may select an assortment of stickers, or choose the styles they wish to have included.
 Retail Value (with shipping): $20
-- Click Image to BID --

Black metal carrying tin with lid and 150 advocacy stickers
Winner may select an assortment of stickers, or choose the styles they wish to have included.
 Retail Value (with shipping): $20
-- Click Image to BID --

Metal slide-top carrying tin with 150 advocacy stickers
Winner may select an assortment of stickers, or choose the styles they wish to have included.
 Retail Value (with shipping): $20
-- Click Image to BID --

Calmoseptine - Large 4 ounce tube
Will come with intact care materials and a hospital/daycare pack if winning bidder wishes ($3 value).
Retail Value (with shipping): $11
-- Click Image to BID --

 Handmade Boobie Beanie - Brown/Chocolate - 0-6 months
Will ship with a breastfeeding packet of assorted items, coupons, samples
and a "peace love momma milk" bracelet (standard or small size).
Retail Value (with shipping): $22
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --

 Handmade Boobie Beanie - Beige/Brown - 0-6 months
Will ship with a breastfeeding packet of assorted items, coupons, samples
and a "peace love momma milk" bracelet (standard or small size).
Retail Value (with shipping): $22
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --

Two mOmma 5-ounce Lansinoh Bottles
Perfect for pumping moms or babies who are also breastfeeding.
Will ship with a breastfeeding packet of assorted items, coupons, 25 individual packets of Lanolin,
and a "peace love momma milk" bracelet (standard or small size).
Retail Value (with shipping): $20
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom crochet baby dress and hair band
Size 0-3 months | RedHeart Yarn
Retail Value (with shipping): $40 for combo
Donated by Made For You By Anu
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom Bunny Lovie
Made with RedHeart Yarn
Retail Value (with shipping): $18
Donated by Made For You By Anu
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom crochet baby hats
Hat One: 2 sided blues / Hat Two: with bear ears
Size 0-3 months | RedHeart Yarn
Retail Value (with shipping): $20 for combo
Donated by Made For You By Anu
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom crochet 2 sided hat
Purple/green and pink/navy
Hat size 0-3 months | RedHeart Yarn
Retail Value (with shipping): $15
Donated by Made For You By Anu
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom crocheted baby blanket
RedHeart Yarn
Retail Value (with shipping): $25
Donated by Made For You By Anu
-- Click Image to BID --

Custom Crochet Baby Booties
 Newborn - 3mo | Deep Purple-Pink with Chocolate | Acrylic
Retail Value (with shipping): $18
Donated by Elvish Knittables
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Custom crochet GA Symbol Pixie Hat
Superwash Merino Wool | Toddler-Child Size | Purple/Pink/Gray/Green
Retail Value (with shipping): $35
Donated by Elvish Knittables
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GA Symbol T-shirt
Size Adult Large (narrow fit) | TeeSpring | Black 
Reads: Circumcision is a Human Rights Violation
Will ship with a variety of #i2 stickers and cards
Retail Value (with shipping): $25
-- Click Image to BID --

Saving Our Sons T-shirt
Size Adult Small or Large (winner chooses) | White 
Will ship with a variety of #i2 stickers and cards
Retail Value (with shipping): $20
Donated by Saving Our Sons
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Saving Our Sons T-shirt
Size Adult XL (roomy fit) | White 
Will ship with a variety of #i2 stickers and cards
Retail Value (with shipping): $20
Donated by Saving Our Sons
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I Want My Foreskin for Giftmas (New) Hardcover Book
Will ship with a variety of #i2 stickers and cards
Retail Value (with shipping): $20
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Doctors Re-examine Circumcision (New) Book
Will ship with a variety of #i2 stickers and cards
Retail Value (with shipping): Unknown
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Miranda's Tangerine GA Lip Balm - 2 count
Lime Flavor | All Natural
Made with extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil,
organic beeswax, and organic essential oils.
Two lip balms per set will ship with a variety of #i2 stickers and cards
Retail Value (with shipping): $10
-- Click Image to BID --
(winner selects cap colors while quantities last)

3rd Rock Sunblock!
The best natural sunblock available today.
Made only with natural, organic, toxin-free, food-grade ingredients. Baby safe!
PETA and Leaping Bunny approved. Non-scented. Learn more about 3rd Rock.
Each container of 3rd Rock Sunblock will come with an advocacy bracelet of your choice.
Retail Value (with shipping): $25
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --

BabyComfy Nose
#1 tested nasal aspirator recommended by Dr. Sears and other gentle parenting pediatricians.
Learn more about the BabyComfy Nose.
BabyComfy Nose will arrive with a small variety of baby care materials.
Retail Value (with shipping): $16
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --

Bebámour Diaper bag with changing pad and 2 insulated bottle totes.
Multiple compartments, brand new with tags attached.
Will come with 2 Lansinoh mOmma 5-ounce bottles for breastfeeding/pumping moms (if winning bidder is able to use them). $15 value
Will come with 25 Lanolin individual packets if winning bidder is able to use them. $9 value
Retail Value (with shipping): $70
Donated by Peaceful Parenting
-- Click Image to BID --


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