18 Day Old Baby Dies From Cold Sore Virus (Oral Herpes)

18 Day Old Baby Mariana Dies From Complications of Cold Sore Virus.

We again urge reading parents to not let people kiss your babies on the mouth (or on the eyes or nose) as oral herpes is highly contagious, and catastrophic for young babies who contract the virus.

See this previous article detailing more about sweet Mariana's story, and why kissing babies on the lips is so risky, unless you have been tested and know that you are negative for this virus. The World Health Organization reports that 67% of the population (2 out of every 3 people) have oral herpes (HSV-1) whether they know that they do or not. Even without an open cold sore, herpes can be transferred from a well meaning adult to your baby through a kiss on the mouth (or eyes or nose).

One excellent way to avoid unwanted affection that puts your baby at risk is to select a wrap or carrier before your baby's birth, and wear your baby. This keeps baby close to his/her parents, in a newborn's natural habitat (mom's chest, or near dad's beating heart), allows a baby to be soothed, nursed on cue, held up at eye level for regular interaction, and keeps others' hands and mouths away from your little one.

Local news excerpt:

A West Des Moines infant has passed away 10 days after being hospitalized after coming in contact with someone with a cold sore.

“Our princess Mariana Reese Sifrit gained her angel wings at 8:41 am this morning in her daddy’s arms and her mommy right beside her,” Nicole Sifrit posted on her Facebook page Tuesday morning, “in her 18 days of life she made a huge impact on the world and we hope with Mariana’s Story we save numerous newborns' lives.”

Mariana was born a health baby girl on July 1st. Six days later her parents left their wedding early to take her to Blank Children’s Hospital when she stopped eating and couldn’t wake up. Doctors told Nicole and her husband, Shane, that Mariana had contracted Meningitis HSV-1. It’s likely someone with a cold sore kissed or handled Mariana, spreading the virus that is incredibly common for adults to have.

“I always thought this stuff happens and it’s a shame, and never thought it would happen to me,” Nicole told us last week, “I was not prepared at all. Keep your babies isolated. Don’t let just anyone come visit them. Make sure they are constantly washing their hands. Don’t let people kiss your baby and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.”

Nicole with Baby Mariana shortly after her birth

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Week old baby on life support with herpes virus (cold sore kiss)

The number one way that babies contact oral herpes is by people kissing them on the mouth. The majority of adults living in North America have oral herpes ('cold sores'), and live with only occasional discomfort. What most people don't realize is that this same virus can be devastating, and even deadly, to babies, and it is transferred from well meaning adults to babies with a kiss.

Protect your little one by not allowing other people to kiss your baby or young child on the mouth (or by the eyes - which can also contract the herpes virus). Kissing on the forehead, top of the head, giving hugs, etc., are all safe forms of affection. If a parent knows that you get an occasional cold sore, the safest thing to do is lavish your little one with love, hugs, and kisses -- but not on the mouth.

Week old baby on life support with herpes virus: http://whotv.com/2017/07/13/week-old-baby-on-life-support-with-cold-sore-virus/

Excerpt from article:

It should have been the best week of their lives as Nicole and Shane Sifrit from West Des Moines gave birth to a baby girl named Mariana July 1st and married July 7th. "The birth of our baby was great. It is one of the best feelings in the world when you can bring a child into the world," said Shane.

Just two hours after they exchanged I do's they noticed something terribly wrong with their week old baby girl. Nicole said, "Friday we noticed she stopped eating and wasn't waking up when we were trying to get her to respond."

Leaving their own wedding early to go to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines they learned Mariana had a life threatening virus called Meningitis HSV1 carried by someone with the cold sore virus but not necessarily with an open sore. "They touch her and then she touches her mouth with her hand," explained Nicole.

Mariana's parents tested negative for the virus and she was sent to the NICU. Shane said, "It immediately went downhill from there. Within two hours she had quit breathing and all of her organs just started to fail"

Monday Mariana was life-flighted to Iowa City to the University of Iowa Hospital. "Just constantly watching every vital sign and she is currently on life support to help her by right now," said Nicole.

In dire circumstances Mariana isn't giving up. Nicole said, "She has a kidney team, a liver team, a blood team, a neurology team."

A horrific turn of events that the Sifrit family hopes can save others. Shane said, "I always thought this stuff happens and it's a shame and never thought it would happen to me. I was not prepared at all." Nicole added, "Keep your babies isolated. Don't let just anyone come visit them. Make sure they are constantly washing their hands. Don't let people kiss your baby and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby."

Now they hope to prepare for Mariana's fight to become victorious. "It's astounding how strong she is and how much she's fighting for just a little baby and that has to be God," said Shane. "I have to stay strong for her because she is still staying strong," added Nicole.

The Sifrits say the best case scenario would be that Mariana is in the hospital another month before she's in the clear. They say if she can survive, the damage done by the virus will cause long-term health issues.

Watch the Sifrits' news brief, and read more of sweet Mariana's story: http://whotv.com/2017/07/13/week-old-baby-on-life-support-with-cold-sore-virus/

Cold sore prevention and treatment for kids: DrMomma.org/2012/02/cold-sore-prevention-and-treatment-for.html

Update: Baby Mariana loses her fight at 18 days old; dies from cold sore virus. Parents are urged to not let others kiss your baby on the face: DrMomma.org/2017/07/18-day-old-baby-dies-from-cold-sore.html


Gentle Pacifier Weaning

By Danelle Day © 2014

A couple years ago a mother shared her technique for gentle pacifier weaning with peaceful parenting and we found it to be one that others have benefited from as well. We do not necessarily advocate for pacifier use from the start -- babies are designed to be comforted in the arms of a loving caregiver, to attach to a human being (not a plastic object) and to suckle at mom's breast for comfort. However, in cases where non-human substitutions are necessary for comfort and soothing, no matter the reasons for this being the case, it is surely best to meet these needs (for suckling and comfort) in babyhood and beyond. Pacifiers were created for this purpose - to meet a need when a care-gjver (usually mom) is otherwise unable to do so. Providing a baby and child with tender care and comfort is always better than denying them of these things to fit into a rigid boxed set of what we 'should' or 'should not' be doing as parents.

For those who do introduce a pacifier in babyhood, the weaning process from this comfort object also need not be traumatic for children. Too often we've heard from those who are now adults who remember how fearful it was for them to have their one item of comfort and security taken away as a youngster. Especially at night, if a child sleeps alone, these hours can be anxiety provoking, and we would never advocate for a 'cold turkey' end to pacifier use for a child who is already accustomed to its presence in their day or night routine (this includes damaging, cutting off the end, or taking away a pacifier). However, this mother's process of pacifier weaning is one that took several months to go through, was begun at a time when her child was old enough to comprehend what was taking place, and one that eliminated any imposed anxieties for her child. It allowed him to naturally finish the weaning process from his comfort item in his own time with gentle encouragement, and empowered him to make small, developmentally appropriate choices along the way. The name of her son has been changed here to honor their privacy.

When young Ben was old enough to understand via conversation with his mother what was happening, she tied his pacifier to a stuffed animal that he could carry with him during the day. This allowed him to use it for comfort as needed, but made it slightly less convenient to walk around with for hours on end at home.

Next, Ben's mom introduced the idea that the pacifier and animal needed to stay in bed. She and Ben made a ritual of tucking the animal (with pacifier) into bed each morning. If Ben wished to use the pacifier during the day, it would be in bed - where his animal needed to stay for animal's comfort and snooze time.

Once Ben became accustomed to returning to bed to use the pacifier as needed, his mom untied the pacifier during the day time hours and put it up on a high shelf in the bedroom, retying to his animal at night. If the pacifier was needed during the day, he would ask for it, and they would snuggle into bed during its use. Day time use became less and less frequent, and eventually faded away altogether.

Each evening Ben's mom continued to tuck him into bed with the animal and asked him, "Do you want your pacifier tonight or would you like to try sleeping without it?" One night the time came when he asked for it, looked at it for a while, and then handed it back to his mom. He then presented her with a question, "If I change my mind, will you get it down for me?" "Yes, of course I will," his mom replied. But he never asked for it again... It lived on his shelf for many months to come - there just in case he needed it, for the security of knowing it was there should the time come. And Ben's weaning from this comfort item was complete - without tears, fears, or the introduction of anxiety. ❤


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This also applies to photographers who have sent photos with permission to use; parents who've written with stories or photos to share; guest authors with materials you're interested in publishing at DrMomma.org, etc.

Thank you for your patience as we work to rebuild, reconnect with everyone, and we are very sorry for this extreme inconvenience.

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