Discussion Groups

The following are parent-to-parent closed (non-public) discussion groups on Facebook. Read each group's description prior to joining (in the 'about' section at the top righthand side of the group).

Exploring Peaceful Parenting: FB.com/groups/ExplorePeacefulParenting (for families striving to parent in baby/child-friendly ways)

Peaceful Parenting Supporting Members: FB.com/groups/PeacefulParentingMembers (Find details on becoming a member and joining this group at: http://www.drmomma.org/2007/02/peaceful-parenting-membership.html

The Breastfeeding Group: FB.com/groups/Breastfed (for all nursing mothers, IBCLCs and female lactivists).

The Baby-led Weaning Group: FB.com/groups/BabyLed (for families practicing baby-led weaning and natural 'child-led' weaning)

The Birthing Group: FB.com/groups/Birthing (for birthing women and mother/baby-friendly female birth advocates)

The Due Date Group is for all expecting mothers with babies arriving this year. It is a 'mainstream' group with opportunities for outreach with parents who may not be familiar with peaceful parenting. FB.com/groups/DueDateGroup

The Babywearing Group: FB.com/groups/WrapMyBaby (for babywearing families)

Kinderpack B/S/T/Chat Group: FB.com/groups/Kinderpack (the best carrier we've found for heavier/bigger babies and children) To purchase: DrMomma.org/2016/05/kinderpack.html

The Car Seats Group: FB.com/groups/CarSeats

The CoSleeping Group: FB.com/groups/CoSleeping (for cosleeping families)

The Cloth Diapering and EC Group: FB.com/groups/DiaperDays (for cloth and EC using families)

The Homeschooling & Unschooling Group: FB.com/groups/PPHomeschool (For families homeschooling or unschooling children).

The Natural Immunity Building Group: FB.com/groups/ImmunityBuilding (for families raising children with an emphasis on building strong immune systems via natural measures; for families forgoing or delaying artificial vaccination)

It's a Boy! Group for all parents raising sons or expecting parents with a baby boy on the way. FB.com/groups/OhJoyItsABoy

It's a Girl! Group for all parents raising daughters or expecting parents with a baby girl on the way. FB.com/groups/OhJoyItsAGirl

For all moms of an angel baby. ♥ Wrapping arms around those who have lost a baby at any point during pregnancy or babyhood. FB.com/groups/MomsOfAnAngelBaby

Peaceful Parenting Network local chapters and state discussion groups: PeacefulParentingNetwork.org

Saving Our SonsFB.com/groups/SavingOurSons: for families with intact sons and advocates for genital autonomy. Note that this group is not designed for new/questioning parents. For those who are still making a decision, please see the TIN Friends & Family group, or the It's a Boy! group.

The Intact Network's Friends & Family group: FB.com/groups/TINFamily: for those raising intact sons, genital autonomy advocates, and families expecting babies who have questions about keeping their son intact. This is a group for exploration and learning.

Saving Our Sons local chapters of The INTACT Network: SavingSons.org/p/local-chapters.html For genital autonomy advocates and parents raising intact sons in-state.

Women-only group for those whose partners are restoring, or for those impacted in any way by male genital cutting. FB.com/groups/Restoring

Men-only group for discussions related to all aspects of genital autonomy. FB.com/groups/SOSMen


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