Registered Nurses on Circumcision

Registered Nurses on Circumcision, Genital Autonomy, and Intact Care
a resource page by and for nurses

Nursing School: OB clinicals and my experience with infant circumcision

On the ethics of registered nurses assisting in forced infant circumcision

Circumcision: A Male R.N.'s Perspective

The day I withdrew from nursing school

The biggest lie told to parents

If this stained circumstraint could talk

An R.N.'s circumcision tools

Danish Nurses Council declares circumcision unethical

Using a catheter without retraction: my nurse did it and so can yours

Ethical Decision Making in the Clinical Setting: Nurses' Rights and Responsibilities:

Nurse's critique of infant circumcision, with Q&A with Dr. Christopher Guest

Male R.N. on the unethical nature of infant circumcision (Genital Integrity Awareness Week interview):

Gillian Longley, R.N. on the anatomy, function, and care of the intact penis

Conscientious objection to non-therapeutic genital cutting (pdf)

Video collection of registered nurses speaking on infant circumcision (to be added)

Medical Professionals for Genital Autonomy

Medical Professionals for Genital Autonomy Group
(Please message the MedPro Facebook page to join as this is a secret group for the privacy of its members in practice.)

Anatomy, physiology and function of the intact penis:

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