Circumcision and Cervical Cancer Resources

Rebuttal to a Flawed Study on Cervical Cancer: 

Cervical Cancer and Circumcision:

Cervical Cancer: A Reason for Circumcision?

Male Circumcision and Cervical Cancer:

American Cancer Society Letter: 

Penile Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Circumcision (CIRP):

Position Statement on the Use of Male Circumcision to Prevent Cervical Cancer (NOCIRC):

Circumcision and Cervical Cancer (Circumcision Information Australia):

Evidence Sketchy on Cervical Cancer and Circumcision:

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According to Mayo Clinic, risk factors for the development of cervical cancer include:
  • malnutrition 
  • smoking 
  • artificial hormone use (such as oral contraceptives) 
  • early age of sexual intercourse (with men) 
  • increased number of (male) sexual partners 
  • sexually transmitted infection 
  • partners with genital warts 

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