Worcester, MA Baby in Need of Donor Milk

Baby Kareem is thriving by the power of mothers' milk

A two month old Worcester, Massachusetts baby is in need of some loving mothers to donate milk or serve as a wet nurse (nursing him when they are able). His momma, Kelley, is the founder of MilkShare - a location where parents can connect with one another to donate and receive human milk for their babies. Sometimes, however, even founders of monumentally helpful sites need a gracious hand of support as well.

Kelley writes, "I have a congenital anomaly called hypoplastic breasts that prevents me from making enough milk. I make a tiny bit - perhaps 10% - of my children's overall intake. And, to continue to produce, I feed exclusively with an SNS. I am currently tandem nursing my newborn and five year old (who was also donor milk fed via a Lact-aid and still refuses to quit even though I can nurse only on my right side)."

Kelley is a homebirth midwife, single mom, and lactivist who says she "prays that I can continue to receive enough milk for my youngest baby." She currently resides near the Worcester, MA area.

As a single mom to three beautiful little ones, Kelley cannot afford to buy or have (frozen) milk shipped to her. However, baby Kareem will gladly accept frozen milk, fresh milk, or help from moms who will serve as a wet nurse (nursing). If you live in the vicinity of Worcester, please consider helping out Kelley and Kareem.

Drop us a note at peacefulparents@gmail.com and we will connect you with Kelley.

Kelley with her children: Simon, Loren, and baby, Kareem

If you are a lactating mom in another state who would like to help a local mother and baby near you, or if you are a mom in need of donor milk or a wet nurse, please sign up on the MilkShare forum or look at this page for additional ideas on making milk sharing connections.


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