Don't Retract Pack

STOP Circumcising Babies

Disclaimer: Images, with the exception of the first photo, have been sent to us from various readers. We do not advocate for the permanent stickering of public street signs. "STOP Circumcising Babies" vinyl decals are available on Etsy.

Photograph by Soleil Life.
In front of the White House, Washington Monument in background.
Washington D.C. Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2010

STOP Circumcising Babies - photo taken in 2009, Washington D.C.

 Atlanta, GA, 2010

Foggy Bottom ~ Washington, D.C., 2011

 photo taken in 2005, Washington D.C.

Cocoa Beach, FL, 2014

 Publix parking entrance - Atlanta, GA

New Brunswick, Canada, 2014



  1. I'd love to see this stop sign strolling down the street :D

  2. Where do I get some of those stickers!

  3. There is an individual who had these made but would like to remain anonymous. He'll send you one of the stickers if you cover part of the cost/shipping ($3). Be sure to include your mailing address if you donate for one (or more than one).

    1. I got two of these last year. They are perfectly placed in MO as of last month. ;)

    2. Did you snap a photo? :)

  4. Someone posted one on an actual stop sign during the GIAW march in Washington Apr 1st this year. At first I didn't realize what the extra writing was, but once I did it was great - 2 Stops, the 2nd re circumcising. It would be great to have a large number of them at the march next year. I like the Anteater Pride signs too, they make people laugh and open up.

  5. Aw, really Maurene?! I didn't get to see it! Do you know what street it was on? Wonder if it is still there... Did you or anyone take a picture? Anyway, thanks for letting us know.

  6. Can't remember the name of the street, the longest on our route between the Capitol and the White House, maybe a third of the way along. My i4SkinHealth sign needs both hands and I lagged behind to talk to people and card, so continually trying to catch up to the rest of you speedy walkers, so no stops for photos. It was quite discrete, but such fun to see.