Don't Retract Pack

Poem From A Cue-Fed Baby

photo courtesy of Lauren F. 

My trusty friend ~
You are always there for me.
Whether I’m sad or lonely
Hungry or thirsty
Hurt or tired.
You never judge me,
And you never expect anything in return.
When you’re near all my nightmares go away.
You make my dreams sweeter
And my days calmer.
You are warm,
Like a friend should be.
And when it’s cold outside
I know I can turn to you.
I love having a bosom-friend like you.
You always understand,
And listen without speaking.
You’re always there when I need you.
Boobie, I love you!

~ Michelle Abernathy

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  1. WoWWW!!!
    I am speechless after reading this poem of yours.
    Nothing in this world can replace that person in our life. I also write a poem, when I am depressed it is my way expressing my depression.
    And now I have written one but I couldn't finished it. After reading you inspired me of life.

  2. hehe i knew that pic was sophie! <3

  3. hehe.. such a sweet way to put a baby's love for "boobies" in words:)