Waning Moon, Rising Sun

Birth Visualization III by Michelle Abernathy

Waning Moon, Rising Sun
(The birth of Ella Rae)

A bright moon in the dark
Crescent, half, full
Growing brighter and brighter
Patterned across the months
Early in the dusk it slowly rises
A soft glow, mild sheen
It rises over mountain, an ocean
Glowing brightly in the dark expanse
After an eternity it begins to wane
Descending in its final crescendo
Sinking into the horizon of water
The sun follows and peaks its head
Dawning new life
The flowers open to greet its wonder
It emerges - magnificent, whole
Bringing forth a dew day
As the darkness grows lighter and lighter
Revive sweet flowers and greet your sun!
As it drinks in liquid gold.

~ Michelle Abernathy


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