3D Video Hazardous to Vision

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  1. Great post thank you. Also of note that television watching interferes with the development of real life 3D vision. Little one's neurons associated with vision are busy hooking up to enable the child to perceive the world in a 3D fashion all the time. When a child under 2 years of age in particular, is plopped in front of the 'idiot box' (ever wonder why it was called that?) the neurons unwire to enable a flat version of life to be 'seen'; take the child away from the telly and the vision has to unwire two dimensional vision and start rewiring 3d vision again. The child does not learn to consolidate vision AND because telly is pixilated in a fairly limited way, the child who watches a lot of television has less pixels of colour developed, so sees the world with far less colour differentiation that someone who grew up without television.

  2. Also, see this article

  3. Interesting. I did not know that. One thought I had in regards to this quote:

    "Pesce says that Sega took the test results and buried them. Fearing lawsuits and consumer backlash over health risks, the VR Headset never made it to market and neither did the truth about the dangers of prolonged exposure to 3D virtual environments - until now."

    Isn't that exactly what we want to see happen. They had a new technology. They tested it. The results were bad so their product never made it to market. Saying that "buried" the tests results seems kind of inflammatory. I wouldn't think they had any sort of obligation to publish them.



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