Percentage of Vaccinated Babies in the U.S. by State

The chart above demonstrates the percentages of babies 19-35 months of age who were vaccinated in 2008.

United States Overall 78%

Alabama 76%
Alaska 76%
Arizona 79%
Arkansas 78%
California 81%
Colorado 81%
Connecticut 73%
Delaware 73%
District of Columbia 79%
Florida 82%
Georgia 73%
Hawaii 78%
Idaho 66%
Illinois 78%
Indiana 78%
Iowa 77%
Kansas 78%
Kentucky 77%
Louisiana 83%
Maine 76%
Maryland 83%
Massachusetts 84%
Michigan 77%
Minnesota 77%
Mississippi 77%
Missouri 76%
Montana 66%
Nebraska 75%
Nevada 70%
New Hampshire 85%
New Jersey 73%
New Mexico 79%
New York 76%
North Carolina 72%
North Dakota 74%
Ohio 83%
Oklahoma 74%
Oregon 72%
Pennsylvania 80%
Rhode Island 80%
South Carolina 79%
South Dakota 81%
Tennessee 83%
Texas 79%
Utah 78%
Vermont 74%
Virginia 73%
Washington 78%
West Virginia 78%
Wisconsin 84%
Wyoming 68%


Data is self-reported by respondent. Children in the Q1/2008-Q4/2008 National Immunization Survey were born between January 2005 and June 2007. Margin of error is within 1% - 8% of stated figures.


Estimated Vaccination Coverage with Individual Vaccines and Selected Vaccination Series Among Children 19-35 Months of Age by State -- U.S., National Immunization Survey, Q1/2008-Q4/2008.

National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Available Here.


For the purpose of this dataset, immunized children are those who receive 4:3:1:3:3, which is four or more doses of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, three or more doses of poliovirus vaccine, one or more doses of any measles containing vaccine (MCV), three or more doses of Haemophilius Influenza type B (Hib), and three or more doses of hepatitis B vaccine (HepB).


  1. Interesting. Alongside those figures I'd love to see the ratio of autism, asthma, adhd, sids etc

    1. I know, right! I'm working on a presentation for my company on the link between vaccines and food allergies; if anyone knows of another map in comparison to that I would love the link.. Thanks

  2. here are some links which show rates of autism (2003 numbers) by state and sids (2004).

  3. I'm actually surprised the numbers are that low. It's 83% in Ohio, but I don't know anyone with totally unvaccinated children (some with selective/delayed, though). I would guess that most of the babies/children considered unvaccinated on the map are actually partially vaccinated, based on the key at the bottom (number of doses of specific vaccines).

  4. I'd like to see stats of VPD outbreaks to go with this. Do they occur in the areas with less vaccinated babies? I kinda doubt it!

    1. Amen! They dont give all the facts. In Marysville, California there was a measles outbreaks where not one....not even one....unvaccinated child was affected, even though not one...not even one....was brought home from school during the epidemic in attempt to avoid it. That means 100 percent who were affected were already vaccinated. They say it was an isolated incident and a fluke. Nice way to blow it off and avoid answers.

  5. surprising! I though at least California would be less. :( It's reassuring to know that at least my daughter is in the measley 18% of vaccine-free children in Florida!

    I'd be interested to know the percentage of delayed-vax children in the states as well.

  6. I find it interesting that even at the highest % areas we don't have enough for that elusive "herd" immunity.

    @Katie - I'm in Ohio as well and I know LOTS of moms that don't vaccinate at all in the Cleveland area.

  7. Barefoot MommyJuly 29, 2010 4:16 PM

    I'm in TX and one thing I've noticed is the lack of the 3rd degree by medical staff when you answer "no" after being asked if your child is up-to-date on vaccines. That has changed drastically in the past 10 years. Back when I had to take my oldest in, that answer would guarantee a confrontation :-(

  8. I'd be interested to see the rates of measles and other preventable diseases against this map. Particularly in young babies pre-vaccination age.

    Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, sling wearing, natural child birth momma who thinks vaccinations are a modern miracle.

  9. I want to see the map of up-to-date adults. The CDC estimates that only 2% of the adult U.S. Population is fully vaccinated...thus the "herd immunity" (myth) has long gone out the window.

    Anyone who ever blames a a parent for NOT vaccinating, has more than obviously not done their homework. I think it would be safe to guess that the 2% of U.S. adults who are fully vaccinated and up-to-date, are those who work in the health care industry and are forced to be.

    I also believe these numbers are inflated a bit. I know more people who do not vaccinate, than who do.

    1. Or those of us who are on state support who are obligated to have vaccines up to date or risk having no food for the month. (yes really my food stamps were turned off because I was in labor on a day shots were due, sheesh)

  10. Thanks for sharing this link! I remember reading in a parenting magazine a few months ago that the CDC has set their new childhood vaccination goal to 75%. I was surprised that a mainstream magazine would publish such a statistic, since the media is always trying to make non-vaccinating families appear to be fringe or in an extreme minority.

    The truth is that herd immunity was a term coined for natural contraction of a disease within a livesstock herd and had nothing to do with vaccines. In the early 1900s, vaccine companies spun it as a marketing plea to encourage more people to choose vaccination. Despite high rates of vaccinating, the illnesses related to vaccination come and go on their own.

    No "disease" has been eradicated due to vaccination, and in fact the vaccines are now posing the same risk as antibiotics. Their widespread use in our population has led to mutations and resistance, meaning everyone who vaccinates has made the world a germier, deadlier place. Thanks a lot!

    Excellent graphs on infectious illnesses with pro-vaccine sources:

    The “epidemic” of Pertussis? Thanks to vaccinating, Pertussis has mutated. From the CDC:

    The only people in America who are routinely vaccinated are children. They represent roughly 25% of our population. Some adults are also supposed to vaccinate, such as medical personnel, but they remain fearful of vaccinations and tend to avoid them when possible.

    Here is ABC news reporting on doctors who refuse to vaccinate for the flu:

    To settle the adult vaccination argument, here is a compilation of levels divided by several categories:

    So, those who vaccinate, you might have good intentions and good reasons, but don’t mistake herd immunity as one of them. The “scaaary” diseases are here, have always been here and now that we are vaccinating anything that moves, even scarier diseases are here to stay.

  11. I am in California, and after my oldest had a reaction at four months of age four years ago we woke up, continually research this topic, and we have never vaccinated again as a family. We even refuse TB tests and take the philosophical exemption our state offers.

    I can tell you that despite thinking that California would have a lower number with all the alternative thinking out here we have a high Hispanic population that a lot of the vaccine propaganda is directed to. We have H1N1 billboards all over the place in both English & Spanish, especially in high Hispanic neighborhoods and lower income neighborhoods. They have terrible messages on them that are purely scare tactics.

    We have commercials on local television channels, ads run in the local newspapers, and now with the pertussis outbreak we actually have radio ads that are pushing the adult vaccine as well, because "you would not want to kill your baby." - yes, they actually say that in the radio ad. Terrible!

    Also, California has Medi-Cal, which is the state run health insurance plan for low income children. In most areas it is near impossible to find a pediatrician that will accept both Medi-Cal and non-vaccinated children into their practices. Many parents are bullied into vaccines because otherwise they have no doctors for their children.

    I recently shared some info on pertussis on my FB page, since that is the new hot button illness these days, and it is amazing how many friends of mine did not know any of the information and were just going to blindly go to get their entire families vaccinated. Thankfully after reading my posts many decided against any shots.

    Here are the links I shared for pertussis:

    I have found that most people who believe that vaccines saved the world and that herd immunity really works have not done their own research and are letting fear, not information guide their decisions. I know I was that mom before I really looked at the numbers, but now I have hundreds of hours of research under my belt and know that not vaccinating and trusting in our immune systems is the best option for our family...along with some Vitamin D :o)

  12. I think this issue is being presented as way more black and white than it is in reality. Getting vaccinated against a disease or not depends on lifestyle, risk of exposure (including travel), etc. I was personally vaccinated against a bunch of less common diseases because of a high risk of occupational exposure. I get weary of everything being a conspiracy theory and all about the almighty evil dollar. It dismisses the contributions of thousands of scientists who work in infectious disease research and epidemiology/public health, who are NOT getting rich and would have picked another career path if money were the motivating factor. It's not all about "Big Pharma" and CEOs. Rant over.

  13. There are concentrations of people in larger cities who don't vaccinate. I am in Columbus, OH and there is an entire natural parenting community where almost none of the kids are vaccinated, and those who are are selective/delayed.

    Vaccinations aren't a modern miracle -- not when you look at the real data. But, everyone has to do that research for themselves.



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