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I'm a Natural Mom Having a Natural Birth

So many of us are natural moms, planning natural births. We've done our research, poured over literature on everything from pregnancy to birth to babyhood. We know who we want on our birth team. We've interviewed doulas and midwives and chosen those who mesh best with our personalities and underlying values. We have a birth plan ready to go. We envision having a beautiful, gentle birth - to not be cut open or cut into unless there is undoubtedly a valid medical need to do so.

And our babies would like the same.

Not a single one enters this world wanting to be needlessly cut. A newborn baby's basic needs are few: love, gentle care, warmth, milk. No baby is born broken when it comes to genital autonomy, and each one wants to remain in the safe security of your arms.

Listen to your instincts. Dig deep. Research the functions of the foreskin - the reason that this organ of the body is present on every mammal on earth. Then, after your gentle birth, keep your little one intact, happy and whole. He'll be forever thankful that you did! ❤

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