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Why You Need To Give Your Kids A Tech-Free Holiday

Although it sometimes seems like a million years ago, I vividly remember what it was like to be a kid. As a child of the 80s, my youth wasn’t spent living up to the unrealistic expectations that social media places upon us or being glued to electronic devices. I have fond memories of countless hours spent outdoors, playing with my neighborhood friends until the streetlights illuminated at dusk, signifying to us that it was time to run along home.

I am eternally grateful to not to have had to spend my early years in a time that was consumed by technology and all things social media. I secretly wish I could offer my children this same luxury that was awarded to me as a means to keep them safe, and allow them an opportunity to grow up in a time when their self-worth didn’t rely on a “like” from a stranger or reaching that next level in a silly game. Sadly, many children today are codependent on electronics, and their parents overindulge them with tech gadgets in place of parenting.

Being a parent in this day and age is hard, but what’s harder is being a child in a time when social media and technology in general have so much control over a person’s day to day life. Our role as a parent is often to shield our child from dangers, but to teach them limits and to know when “enough is enough” for things that should be practiced in moderation.

Think you could put yourself on pause from all things tech for 2-3 weeks? Here’s why you should do it for your kids--and yourself--when possible.

Give Your Littles a Chance to Recharge Their Brain And Rest Those Tired Eyes

Staring at LED screens isn’t good for our eyes, and the same can be said for our little ones. With the explosion of handheld devices in the past decade, opthamologists are seeing a steady increase in vision impairments in young children. Breaks from screen time are vital, and a tech-free holiday can essentially be just what the doctor ordered for your children and their precious eyes. Also, encourage your child to use their endless imagination when it comes to playtime. Their budding brain will thank them--and you!

Real Quality Time Together as a Family

We all know that we’ve been guilty of being together but not actually being present. When we’re glued to electronics we aren’t giving others our undivided attention. Put those phones, tablets and game consoles aside and focus on what’s really important when you’re with the people that you love the most, each other! Another simple trick to implement even when you’re not on a designated tech holiday? Always keep those electronics tucked away during family meal time. Breaking bread with those you love should be a cherished time and a chance to catch up on the day and get to know those people you adore even more.

Keep Your Kids Safe From Those Hidden Dangers Lurking on the Internet

For any parent, our biggest fear is something terrible happening to our child. Life is truly unpredictable, but there are certain precautionary measures that we can implement to keep our kids safe. The very first step towards protecting your kids from online predators is to start a dialogue on the topic so that they can become aware. Teach your kids that they should never, ever for any reason give out personal information about themselves to a stranger on the internet. The internet is a scary place for a parent of an impressionable youth, and we must always keep that in mind. There are even websites openly selling Fake IDs - and Fake ID reviews websites too. Go a step beyond that initial chat by implementing parental controls and limiting their screen time, along with monitoring their online activity. When it comes to our kids, we can never be too safe.

Think you’re ready to the challenge and start your tech-free holiday? Make a pact to stick to it together and accept the challenge for yourselves. We promise you won’t regret it, and we assure that it is possible. Start with a weekend, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the real time spent together goes by.

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