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How to Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy

Anxiety can happen to anyone for any reason. However, during pregnancy, your chances of developing anxiety increase. This isn’t just due to the fact that you’re going to be a new parent. It also can be because of all the hormonal changes that go into one’s body.

If you have mild anxiety and you’re pregnant, it’s nothing to worry about. However, if you have extreme anxiety attacks, this can affect you and the baby. It’s important to get that anxiety under control. Here are some ways you can do so.

Eat Right and Exercise

Eating a proper diet can help you if you have anxiety. Not only that, but exercises releases feel-good chemicals in your brain that can reduce your anxiety. Taking a walk outside or doing some home exercises can work, or go to a gym or yoga class.

During the later stages of your pregnancy, it’s important you talk to your doctor and fitness instructor to help you perform exercises that are safe for the baby and for your own body as well.


Controlled breathing can help you when you’re having an anxiety attack. It’s amazing how a few controlled breaths can get your body under control. With that said, there are many breathing exercises you can try in order to calm you down. We save give some of them a spin and see what you can come up with.

Write Down Your Episodes

The best way to tackle anxiety is to write down the circumstances surrounding the anxiety attack. Where were you when the attack occurred? What do you think triggered it? What was going on in your head at the time? Sometimes, anxiety can happen because of random circumstances. Other times, there may have been a trigger you were unaware of.

Think Positively

Odds are, you’re worried as a new parent. You hope your baby is born with nothing wrong, and does well as they grow up. However, worrying isn’t going to save the future. Instead, think more positively. Think about all the good times you’re going to have with your child when they are born. Think about how great it will be to get back into shape whenever the baby is born. Think encouraging, positive, productive thoughts. This can help you grow and help you if you feel like your mind is overly negative.

Talk About It!

Finally, you should talk about your problems. Talk to your spouse, your family, or anyone else who is willing to listen. This can help you relieve some of your anxiety and stresses you may have concerning your unborn child. If you feel like no one can help, seek professional help. A counselor can help you treat your anxiety, as well as find reasons as to why you may be feeling like you do.

Parenthood is fantastic. That’s why you shouldn’t let anxiety stop the start of a great adventure. Talk to a professional today and learn how you can cope with anxiety.

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