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Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Addiction to alcohol or any other drug has deteriorating effects on the human body. It not only affects social life but the personal life of the person as well. The person loses control over drinking despite its adverse effects. Alcohol is said to be the major cause of injuries both at home and work. If any of our loved ones or acquaintance are addicted to drugs or alcohol, they can successfully overcome this with the right support and can lead a sober life. The first decision after giving them moral support is to find a drug or alcohol rehab or a detox centre. For this there is a rehab near me; Long Island recovery centre where you’ll find the best resources and drug rehab solutions.

Rehab centre aims to provide researched, authentic and fact-based resources for those suffering from addiction. Its mission is to equip clients and their families with the necessary knowledge and resources needed to reach lifelong sobriety.  Addiction recovery is different for everyone. So many elements such as the type and length of the addiction come into play when creating a treatment plan. They work one-on-one to design a plan for each person. To successfully treat the addiction, it is important to treat all the related issues and illnesses. This approach addresses all relevant issues and assists people not only obtain recovery but also help them to attain a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing in their lives. 

When a person goes for addiction counselling, a private rehab facility or a twelve step-up program, it is important to know about all the different options available and then decide which suits you best. 

Alcohol detox

Alcoholism is the disease in which a person cannot live or function normally with a drink. The withdrawal is hard but in severe alcoholics, there are physical signs of drawl in the absence of alcohol consumption. The alcoholic person has poor reflexes, difficulty in breathing, reduced brain activity and slow reaction time so if any person perceives these symptoms in their closed ones, he/she should try to contact a rehab as soon as possible. Long Island recovery centre offers outpatient alcoholism treatment especially if someone is in the midlevel of disease. In outpatient care, a person can participate fully but can also maintain a regular schedule at home. 

Drug detox

Drug detox needs inpatient treatment as inpatient detox removes the temptation to use the drug again. The first setup of detox is the mental and physical health evaluations. Then starts the process of weaning, that includes weaning off the substances to which the person is addicted. During detox, a person can encounter symptoms like sweating, headache, vomiting etc. There are certain elements like the amount of drug and the length of time that determines the amount of detox time. After the whole detox procedure, the body is technically no longer addicted to any kind of substance. Some people choose to complete an inpatient rehab by staying at the facility for a much longer amount of time.     

Inpatient vs Outpatient care

Both works differently but the goal is the same. Inpatient care is often referred to as residential care and the patient must stay at the facility. A person with severe issues opts for inpatient care. The treatment can be more intensive and patients are put on a recovery schedule.

In outpatient care, the patient continues to live at home while receiving addiction care. They are recommended for mild cases where a person can continue to go to school, job etc.


From the above article, it is to be concluded that alcoholism and other drug addiction is a serious disease. If someone is experiencing it, consulting an interventionist with expertise in alcohol and drug intervention can help. The main goal is to ensure that the addict and their family never have to go through the pain of addiction again. There are many drug intervention programs like inpatient and outpatient care. Both types will work to treat the addiction differently.

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