Don't Retract Pack

Hold on Huggies! Pampers is Pushing Their Own Limited Edition Disposable

Move over Huggies Jeans Disposable... here comes the limited edition Pampers Cruiser at Target in several fancy pants 'designer fashioned' collections.

Not only are they splendidly colored with your favorite patterns (read: extra dye) but they are also fully equipped with the infamous (bum burning) Dry-Max chemical solution.

So if you're envious of those cute clothed kids, but can't bring yourself to give the real thing a try... well, Huggies and Pampers now have you (er, your little one) covered.

Whatever sells, right? It's all about the $$$

Thanks to Sarah W. for sharing this photo of her husband sportin' the shirt he loves to wear around town. After all, they do end up in the garbage. Tshirts (and onesies) available here.


  1. Ughh. What a waste of money and resources.

  2. Hmmm... It looks like they are trying to compete with the cuteness of cloth covers.

  3. Disgusting is the only word that comes to my mind with these new "trendy" diapers on the market. The huggies jeans commercial shows sexualization of a baby. People who market this crap need to take Bill Hicks advice on marketers.

  4. they are cute in a "trashy" kind of way. Cloth are so much cuter and better for everyone.

  5. they must not be selling to well, at least not where I live. I walked past them on clearence at Target the other day