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January Top Ten

This year we are going to implement something new. On the last day of each month, we'll be taking a quick look back at the "Top Ten" most read articles at peaceful parenting that month. Readers wishing to catch up on the most frequently read and passed along items can do so easily, and those curious about what they missed can check it out.

Without further ado - here are January's Top Ten:

#10 How Spanking Changed My Life

#9 Sleep Training: Higher Stress, Lower Serotonin May Increase SIDS

#8 CDC Mandatory Vaccine Schedule: 1983 vs 2010 

#7 Owen Wilson & Jade Duell Welcome New Baby Boy via Home Waterbirth!

#6 Microscopic View of Human Milk, Cow's Milk and Formula 

#5 Brazil's Breastfeeding Ad
 *this was also the most commonly flagged and removed parenting-related photo on Facebook this month ~ causing the deletion of several excellent pages (including Earthy Motherhood and Sausage Mama), many individual accounts, and warning notices sent to several others including Woman Uncensored, Crunchy Mommas International, As Nature Intended, and peaceful parenting. Note that the photograph simply pictures a cute chubby baby's face.

#4 Breastfeeding is Offensive

#3 Breastfeeding in Bed: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Introduce Baby Flynn 
 *including Orlando's new babywearing daddy days

#2 Your Body Within One Hour of Drinking Soda
 *this was also the number one most read item of 2010

#1 Lizzi Miller: The Beautiful, REAL Woman on p.194


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